If your student is out for 4 or more days in a row

  • There are many reasons students may need to be out of school for an extended period of time. A few examples are:

    • Broken bone
    • Severe sprain
    • Head injury
    • Surgery
    • Teeth pulled
    • Emotional concerns
    • Family crisis
    • Extended illness such as mono, pneumonia etc.….


    What if my student misses a week or more of school?

    If your student is on their 4th day of consecutive absences and they need to be out longer, please call their counselor and/or the nurse so we can brainstorm possible supports for school. 

    We understand that you have been calling in and excusing absences, but our system is not perfect. There is often a delay in “catching” students who have been out for some time by only letting attendance know when they are out. We really need families to help us by making that additional phone call or email to your students counselor or the nurse at the 4 day mark. 

    We have a variety of supports to help students get back on track while keeping up with current assignments. It is always very stressful to miss school and we would like to help make that transition back easier. 

    If your student may be out for 4 weeks or longer, we have a program called Home Hospital. Please see the information about that on my web page.

    Please help us serve your student in the best possible way by calling the counselor and/or nurse at that 4 day mark so we can make proactive plans to keep your student on track.