Overnight Field Trips

  • Instructions for Shorecrest Staff

    What is an extended field trip?

    • Cheer, Flag, Dance, etc., Camp
    • DECA Trips
    • Sport Team overnight Camps, Tournaments, Games, etc.,
    • Band or Choir overnight trips
    • Regular Classroom overnight field trip
    • Club overnight trips
    • Any School Sponsored overnight trip
    • A one day field trip that extends beyond the regular school hours.


    Two months before you leave

    Staff begins planning and gathering forms for the trip early – 2 months before would be really wonderful. It is a big job and can be very time consuming. Lots of steps and pieces of paper to gather! Note: for trips with large numbers of students (e.g., band) the deadlines may need to be earlier. Consult the Nurse to establish reasonable deadlines in order to have sufficient time to process all the paperwork.

    Teachers are to download the Overnight field trip forms from the health office web page. Forms may be downloaded by going to the Documents menu on left of this page. Please make sure you fill in the destination at the top of the medical forms before you make copies.

    • Contact and medical information form
    • Treatment Release
    • Permission to give medications for extended field trip

    I suggest you put the Contact and medical information form and the Permission to give medications form on the same piece of paper.


    One month before you leave 

    Email the health office a list of all possible students going on the trip.

    All medications, even over-the-counter medications MUST have a physician signature as well as parent signature on the permission to give medication form.

    Please put all of the forms in a three ring binder by alpha with all of each student's forms together. It is the teacher's responsibility to have a check off sheet and monitor who has turned in what.


    Three weeks before you leave

    Turn in the Completed notebook to the nurse for review. All paperwork should be completed by students and turned in to teachers at least 3 weeks before your trip date.

    These forms need to remain with the adults who are supervising the specific students while you are on your trip. If you are in groups that will be going different places, make sure those forms travel with the adults that have those students. It can get complicated and be a volume concern if you have a large group that is traveling.


    A week before you leave

    Set up a time to come to the health office to review medical and medication information you may need to know. Pick up first aid kit if requested.

    Organize all of the forms so they will be with the adults supervising specific students at all times


    What will the nurse do?

    I will give you a spread sheet with the

    • student name,
    • allergies
    • health concerns

    Provide information for what to do with specific common health concerns. Information on CPR and other general first aid.

    Provide you with a first aid kit to take on the trip if you request one.

Student and Parent Info

  • Do I need to complete another Permission to give medication for if my student already has one on file in the health office for this year?

    • YES! Those orders cover the school day, we need 24 hour coverage for the trip.


    My student almost never needs their inhaler or allergy meds anymore, do I need to bother with the paperwork?

    • YES! They will be going to a different environment that may trigger allergic reactions or asthma.


    Do I have to make a special trip to the doctor?

    • It is the parent responsibility to get the physician signature for extended field trip medication forms.


    What should I get doctor orders to send? Remember – even over the counter mediations need a parent and physician signature.

    • All prescription medication your student takes on a regular basis.
    • If your student is prone to motion sickness, something like Dramamine may be helpful. Pain relief such as Tylenol or Ibuprofen may be helpful especially for young women who may get cramps on the trip. A change in environment sometimes upsets the system, an anti-diarrhea medication would be something to consider if your student has particular sensitivities.
    • I would suggest not sending regular vitamins or herbal supplements for the trip as the short time they will be gone will probably not have a negative effect on their health if they miss a few doses.


    How much medication to I send?

    • Please only send enough medications for the number of days of the trip + three just in case they have flight concerns and are not home the day they plan.


    How do I send the medications?

    • If your student is going to self administer, just have them pack their medications in their carry on luggage. MUST BE IN THEIR ORIGINAL BOTTLES. No baggies or weekly pill holders.
    • If you are having a staff person carry and administer the medications please make arrangements to get those to the school a day or two before the trip. MUST BE IN THEIR ORIGINAL BOTTLES. No baggies or weekly pill holders.


    What about insurance?

    • If your group is not using a tour company that is providing insurance for everyone, insurance and medical expenses are the responsibility of the parent or guardian. There is student health insurance available through the school for a cost. Contact the Nurse for more information.


    Anything else?

    • Please let the teacher/tour leader know if your student has been ill or injured in the last few weeks. Information helps us care for your student and keep them safe.


    Forms may be downloaded by going to the Documents menu on the top left of this page.