Sport Physicals

  • Please make a COPY of the sport physical BEFORE turning it in to Shorecrest.

    Sport camps are starting to require a copy of a student's sport physical in order for students to participate. The health office can not look up and make copies for teams/students. Please make your own copies before turning in the sport packet so you can provide the coach a copy if your student is going to participate in a school camp or something outside of school that requires a copy of their current sport physical.

    WIAA guidelines require that all students furnish a statement or physical examination from signed by a medical authority licensed to perform a physical examination that provides clearance for continued athletic participation.

    That statement or physical is valid for 24 months unless otherwise stated by the providing health care provider.


    Who may complete a physical examination as defined by WIAA rules:

    • MD - Medical Doctor
    • DO - Doctor of Osteopathy
    • ARNP - Certified Registered Nurse
    • PR - Physician's Assistant
    • Naturopathic Physician

    Please refer to WIAA regulations section 17.11.0 for complete requirements.


    Questions and Answers:

    Q: A family friend is a Doctor of Chiropractics and has agreed to provide athletic physical exams for our family. Will this physical exam be accepted for interscholastic participation?
    A: NO, only those licensed to perform physical examinations are able to provide physical exams for athletic participation as outlined in 17.11.2

    Q: I had a physical exam in April for spring sports. For how long is my physical good?
    A: Physical exams are good for 24 months.

    Q: I was injured for the early part of the basketball season, but have finally been cleared by a chiropractor to resume athletic participation. Is the medical release from a chiropractor acceptable?
    A: NO, the written release to resume participation must come from a physician licensed to perform physical examinations as outlined in WIAA rule 17.11.2.

    Q: Can a student get a waiver of the Physical Exam requirement for religious reasons?
    A: NO, the physical exam requirement is a health and safety requirement for all students who choose to participate in athletics at a member school.


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