• Help! My Chromebook or iPad won't do.....(fill in the blank).....!!

    Did you know that most times the problem with your Chromebook or iPad can be fixed simply by turning the device completely off and then back on after a few seconds? Sometimes after spending hours trying to troubleshoot a problem, we try that and it works. We've started telling people to try that first now!

    -Mrs. Altena, Syre Librarian and Tech Troubleshooter

    Help! How do I get into my Google account at home?

    No need to panic - just follow these directions and you should be fine!


    K-5 Grade At-Home Access to Google Account and Classlink

    1. Open Chrome.
    2. Head to www.google.com and check in the upper right hand corner of your screen to see if a family member is already logged into Google.  If so, log them out.

    3. Click the “Sign In” button in the upper right hand corner of your screen.

    4. Enter your district email address.  Everything must be spelled correctly without any spaces.  Don’t forget the dots!

                                   Example: az0983330@k12.shorelineschools.org

    5. Click “Next”

    6. A Shoreline schools login box will pop up.  Enter your district username. It’s the first part of your email address that’s to the left of the @. 

                                    Example: az0983330   (NOTE THAT THIS DOES NOT HAVE THE @K12 PORTION!)
    7. Enter your district password.  It is your student number with an extra 0 (zero) at the beginning.

                                    Example:  00983330
    8. Click "Login"
    9. Once you’re signed in, you can go to Classlink and click on "Login with Google".

      Classlink: go to launchpad.classlink.com and then click the Login with Google button.  (ALWAYS LOGIN WITH GOOGLE FIRST.)
    10. Once you are in Classlink, you may open the Seesaw app to access your teacher's classroom. Always access your Seesaw through Classlink.

    It is a very good habit and life skill to remember to logout of your Google account when you are finished with your work.