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    Jennifer Altena - Syre Teacher-Librarian

    Martha McCaffrey - Syre Library Technician


    Syre Library's Mission

    The mission of the Syre Elementary Library is to assist students in becoming critical readers and thinkers who use information to solve problems and become information literate.  To facilitate this mission, I will provide weekly lessons based on reading, research and using technology responsibly. I will collaborate with teachers and administration to adapt lessons that align with what is being taught in the classroom.


    Syre Library's Vision

    The vision of the Syre Elementary Library is to be a welcoming space in which students are empowered to be future ready citizens, effective and ethical users and producers of information and to foster a lifelong love of reading and learning. 


    What is information literacy?

    Information literacy, necessary to lifelong learning, is the ability to identify, locate, evaluate, synthesize, and use information in a variety of ways. The librarian and teachers work together to integrate information literacy skills into the curriculum. The goal is to help students become independent information problem solvers who can actively use the library to gather information.
    (Definition from Information Power, American Library Association and the Association for Educational Communications and Technologies, 1998)


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