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  • Welcome to the Shorewood High School chapter of the National Honor Society!  Use this web page to find out general information, download documents, check for upcoming activities and events, or contact the chapter advisor.

  • Tutoring Opportunities Off Campus


    1. Syre Homework Helpers
      • Where: Syre Elementary Library
      • When: Tuesday/Thursday, 3:30-4:30 from Now - April
      • Task: Help with homework, play games, and make connections with Syre’s 4th, 5th, and 6th grade students!
      • Contact Julie Anneberg-  julie.anneberg@shorelineschools.org
  • One-On-One Tutoring Oportunities

    Link to List of Oportunities for One-On-One Tutoring

    Note: Tutoring one-on-one is a huge commuitment but can be very rewarding. Only students who are willing to meaningfully commit their time to helping another student should apply.

    Note: One-on-one tutoring is a great way to stand out on a college application or make a huge impact on the Shorewood community.

  • General Frequently Asked Questions


    • Do I need to turn in material to both the Shorewood Canvas Page and into Ms. Tonkin?

    No, you do not need to upload digital copies of the material to the Canvas page instead you just need to turn material into the Career Center so they can get to Ms. Tonkin.

    • What are the differences between NHS and graduation requirement hours?

    Students can use NHS hours for graduation purposes.

    • How can I check whether my hours have been miscounted?

    Check in with Ms. Stephens in the Career Center or Ms. Tonkin in the office then if there is reason to believe that hours have been miscounted then contact Mr. Eklund or Ms. Ryan. If hours have been found to have been miscounted due to a mistake on the schools end a student will not need to proceed through the appeals process. 

    • How can I check what hours I have completed?

    Check in with Ms.Dieckman the Shorewood High School Registrar.

    • Do extra Quarter tutoring hours count towards the next Quarter?

    Quarter tutoring hours do not carry over for the purposes of National Honor Society but excess hours can be used for graduation purposes.

    • How are my hours counted?

    When it comes to counting tutoring volunteering, first priority is always "Quarter tutoring hours". After these are completed, more tutoring hours are placed under "Semester Community Service". When it comes to non-tutoring volunteering hours, first priority (if it qualifies!) is the "Yearly NHS Sponsored Hour". Other volunteering hours are placed under "Semester Community Service".

    • When can I apply to join NHS?

    The application process takes place at the end of every year. Invitations will be sent out to every prospective freshman. Others can send in their application to Mr. Eklund or Ms. Ryan through email or dropping off paperwork in the main office.

    • Can I turn my hours in late?

    We will accept late hours for up to one week. However, we must receive an email explaining the issue and the hours must have been completed before the due date. 

    • Should I keep a backup copy of the documents that I turn into the school?

    Yes, you should always keep a backup copy just in case it is needed for later. 


    Appeals Process


    • How will appealing affect my standing in NHS?

    Appealing will not affect your standing in NHS. However, you will only be able to appeal once during the course of high school. Exceptions may apply but must be requested in person

    • Should I keep tutoring and volunteering in the meantime?

    Yes, you should continue to tutoring and volunteering during the appeals process to make sure that you are in good standing if your appeal is successful.

    • How will I know my appeal has been accepted?

    Check your email after the appeal due date. Expect that it may take several weeks for all documents to be reviewed.

    • How long do appeals take?

    Appeals can take anywhere from one to two weeks for faculty advisors to review based on number of applicants.


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