• Homework Assignments (as recorded in student planners)


    Wordly Wise

    Each week students will be given 15 words to memorize the definitions. Memorizing the definitions IS the homework, the accompanying packet will be in-class work only.  Tests on the definitions will be given the following Friday.


    Independent Reading (see schedule in survival guide) 

    9 books are required to be read and tested by end January, or about 2 books read and tested per month (same expectation for 2nd Semester February -June). 3 books should be read at the 4th grade Lexile reading band (700-900) while the other 6 can be read at the student's individual reading level. As a class, we've collected a list of books and lexiles on a GoogleDoc that can be accessed on the home page. It's view only, and the purple titles are books that are such great reads that lexile doesn't matter. For information about how some of this informaiton is used on the report card, please refer to the the, "Incredibly Boring Yet Equally Informative Survival Guide to 4th Grade in Miss Ford's Class" that was passed on on Curriculum night.  This will also be where the due dates for the year can be found. ;O)


    Multiplication Fluency

    Learn those math facts...flash cards, websites, games, I don't care, just memorize them QUICKLY. Expectation is 3 seconds per fact, or 20 correct in one minute to be considered fluent.



    Mountain Math (beginning in January - possibly.)

    Mountain Math is weekly math homework that is assigned on Friday, and due the following Friday for 25 weeks. The highlighted problems on your child’s answer sheet are the mandatory problems the students must complete. Any problem not highlighted can be tried for extra credit, with the understanding that it they try the problem and get it wrong, it will not negatively affect their grade. As the year progresses and students become more familiar with the concepts being taught, more problems will be required.  If it’s been a while since you’ve converted an improper fraction into a mixed numeral and your child needs help, use the cheat sheet provided for you during week 1.