• Picture with Temple Grandin

    My name is Veronica Cook. I graduated from Central Washington University in 1993 with a degree in Special Education.  I began teaching at Shorewood in 1994.  In 2001, I earned my masters degree from the University of Washington in Severe Disabilities. 

    In 2012, I transferred to Shorecrest.  At Shorecrest, I am the Lead Teacher for the A-team, a program for students with Autism and similar significant disabilities.  I also coach the Shorecrest bowling team and am the the Advisor for the class of 2019.


     Educational Awards:

    1997 Seattle Times Top of the Class Award

    1997 Ablenet Inclusion Award

    1998 Leaders in Restructuring Award

    2006 Ryan White Memorial HIV/AIDS Educator of the Year

    2013 WSECU Mariner's Teacher of the week

    2014 Autism Speaks Regional Grant Winner

    Learning & Leadership Grant from The NEA Foundation!

    2017 WSBPA Hall of Fame Bowling Coach


    (ca. 460–ca. 377 BCE) said many wise things, but
    I here mention only one: “It is better to know the patient
    who has the disease than it is to know the disease which the
    patient has”