•  We are working on writing our own Superkids story and going through the process of writing a draft, getting it corrected and making a final copy. This is quite a task (I have to write it again?) but the kids are all working hard and we will start sharing our completed stories on Friday.

    We are so fortunate to partner with WITS and have Greg Stump come in to teach the students how to write their own comics

    We've had 4 sessions and will have 4 more (including a "celebration" on the 19th which parents may attend 11:00-12:00 for kindergarten).  WITS (Writers in the Schools) puts professional writers in the classroom to introduce students to different styles of writing.  Working with Greg has been very motivating!  Students have been collecting  their work in a portfolio which will come home on the 19th.  Each student will choose their favorite comic which will be compiled into a class "comic book" for each student to take home and keep.  WITS is funded by our generous PTSA. Thanks for this great opportunity for our students!

    As we look ahead to summer, I'd encourage you to have your child read AND re-read books on their own.  I will be sending home "leftover" copies of Superkids books for your child to practice reading.  Reading fluency means that kids can read the story with little or no time spent "sounding out" the words.  It usually takes 3-5 times of reading the SAME story to develop fluency and reading confidence.  I will also send you home a letter that represents your child's Guided Reading Level which can help you find library books at their reading level.

    Also, all kindergartners should practice reading the sight words we've learned this year.  We will include a list of "sight words to know for first grade" in your report card envelope. This would be great to post of the refrigerator or a bulletin board and read through for a few minutes each day this summer.