• We will start our 8th Superkid on Friday! As we learn each Superkid, the goal is that studdents master the letter name and sound (or most common sound, /c/ like k for letter c, short o sound - in hop) AND the correct way to write the letters.  It starts out slowly, but now students have learned many real words they can both read and write!

    As your child learns to read, we will learn both decodable and sight words.

    A decodable word is one that kids can "sound out".


    Sight words are words that are common in beginning reading books but that don't necessarilly follow the rules.  Students are expected to memorize these words (so the recognize them by sight). 

    Our current sight words are: can, go, do, all, and, see.   This week we are adding: like, look, love

    If you haven't already done so, please sign up for the Parent Portal/ Superkids Online Fun. Even if you don't want your child using the games and books, it is a great way for me to give you lessons if your child is unable to attend school or when we move to hybrid learning.



    You are SUPER PARENTS and all of your kids are SUPER KIDS TOO!