• The Superkids are getting ready to have a Superkids club. This week they'll be learning about the letter B.  Help your child with the /b/ sound (it isn't "buh", just a short clipped /b/). At the end of the week you'll find out what the Superkids use as a clubhouse.

    Note: there are only 5 more Superkids take home booklets.  Each booklet cover 2-3 letters for the remainder of the year, but I'll be sending home blending sheets and black and white copies of the books we're reading in class EVERY WEEK. Have your child practice blending (i.e. reading) words for a few minutes each night. Also have them read the books to you!  I tell them we often read books 3-5 times to become fluent readers.

    We'll also be reading multiple versions of The 3 Bears to compare and contast folktales.

     Check out this list of words your child can now read by souding out:


    Alf,as, at, act, add, Cass, cast, cat, class, clog, clot, cod, cog, cot, cost, dad, did, dig, dill, Doc, dog, doll, dot, fact, fad, fast, fat, fill, fist, fit, flat, flit, flag, fog, gag, gas, gift, gill, glass, glad, gloss, god, got, had, has, hid, hill, his, hit, hog, hot, if, ill, it, lad, lag, lass, last, lid, lift, list, loft, log, loss, lost, lots, odd, off, sad, sag, Sal, salad, sift, sill, sit, slid, slit, slot, soft, still, stilt, staff, stiff, Tac, Tic, Toc, tag, toss, tot

    Continue to practice the blending sheets as they come with each Superkids booklet!


    New sight word this week: be, been

    Our sight words: go, can, and, do, look, like, I, a, is, it, to, for, from, the, you, of

    Sight words are words that are common in beginning reading books but that don't necessarilly follow the rules.  Students are expected to memorize these words (so the recognize them by sight).  We'll add to this list throughout the school year.