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    Cedars - Access to Cedars and OSPI    https://eds.ospi.k12.wa.us/Login.aspx
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    Logging into the Web Version of SIS   http://qtss.shorelineschools.org:8181/slc/sis/Logging_into_the_Web.mov
    Web Data Mining Basics   http://qtss.shorelineschools.org:8181/slc/sis/Using_Data_Mining.mov
    Creating Favorites in Web
    (To use as shortcuts for navigation)
    Exporting into Excel from Data Mining
    (Using Formats in Spreadsheet)
    Creating a Filter in Browse View in Web   http://qtss.shorelineschools.org:8181/slc/sis/Creating_a_Filter_in_Browse_View.mov
    Using New Web View for Teachers   http://qtss.shorelineschools.org:8181/slc/sis/EA+_Teachers_New_Web.mov
    Using New Web View for Office & Admin
    Removing Withdrawal Record   http://qtss.shorelineschools.org:8181/slc/sis/removing_a_withdrawal_record.mov


    Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

    I can't remember my Skyward EA+ Password.  What do I do?

    At the Skyward login page, select the link Forgot Login or Password.  You will be asked to input your first and last name and your email address.  Then select submit.  You will then be directed to a password change screen. 

    One of my students withdrew from school and I need to grade them.  Why can't I see them in my gradebook?

    The student is in dropped status so in Gradebook, you will need to go to Display Options then Student Display.  Check the box that states "Show Dropped Students".  The withdrawn student will now appear in your gradebook.

    Why do my Standards Report cards show asterisks in the current semester?

    Since the current term begins before all teachers have printed report cards, asterisks will appear in the current term column. 

    We are currently in Semester 1 and I can't see the Semester 2 in Standards gradebook to assign grades.  What do I do?

    Once the new term begins, you may lose the display of the prior term.  You can bring it back up by going to Display Options in Gradebook and selecting Grade Period Display.  There you will need to check the box to show the prior term.

    Why can't I see my students' attendance on the Standards Report cards?

    Your school registrar is required to run an Attendance Update utility in Skyward.  Once she runs that utility, the attendance will appear.  If you don't see the attendance, contact the registrar.

    I can't seem to view all my screens in Gradebook.  What am I doing wrong?

    This is only an issue using Safari as the browser.  The recommendation is Firefox.  Safari is quite problematic with both EA+ and Citrix.

    Can I enter a + or - in Standards Gradebook?

    Yes and No.  Yes, you can use the + or - when scoring events.  You would select that specific grademark scale when entering the scores on the events.  No, you cannot use + or - on report cards.

    In Standards Gradebook, can I weight assignments?

    No, with standards based grading, weighting doesn't work because you are looking at change over time in a given strand and not averaging and comparing the complexity of various tasks.

    I have heard of multiple methods to enter report card grades at the elementary level.  What's the recommended method?

    The recommended method is to go to My Gradebook and input all report card grades in the appropriate term columns.  The system does offer a mass assign option to simplify the entry of grades.  These will automatically save into the report card format.  When ready to generate report cards, from the homepage, select the Custom K-6 Report Cards link and then select Generate Report Cards.  Having grades in Skyward allows for administrators to access and analyze grading data within the system and reports can be generated over time to include elementary, middle and high school grades of students.

    I'd like to print a list of my students in column format but with no other information.  How do I do that?

    In My Gradebook, select Excel Export on the upper right corner.  You will be directed to the list of templates.  You can select one of the bottom 3 choices showing blank report and then select the Print button.  The report will drop into the print queue and then come up in Excel format which can be saved to your desktop or printed directly.