About us!


    To tell great stories well.

    To provide opportunity for educational and creative enhancement.

    To cultivate exceptional work ethic and professional production standards.

    To inspire a new generation of creative minds and consumers of art.



    Goal: To offer as many roles as we can afford, support, and make shine.

    • Ideal plays will have casts of 9+; ideal musicals will have casts of 15+. When possible, the size of the ensemble may be expanded to offer additional onstage opportunities (typically, non-speaking roles).

    • Ideal shows will have gender-balanced casts. When appropriate, gender-blind casting may be considered in order to expand opportunity.

    • Ideal shows will not have been produced at Shorecrest within the previous 8 years.

    • Ideal shows will highlight the particular skills of the current- and incoming-student talent pool.

    • Ideal shows will offer unique opportunities for students to enhance their current skill sets.

    • Ideal shows will be appropriate for school-aged audiences, who will attend student matinees.

    • Ideal shows will possess significant educational or entertainment value, or be of significant cultural relevance. Exceptions may be occasionally made to any of the preceding criteria (e.g. size of cast, or appropriateness for younger audiences) in order to fulfill this one.



    Goal: To assign actors to roles that feature their unique talents and skills, in service of best storytelling, and of a respectful, collaborative ensemble process.

    Consideration will be given to:

    • Acting ability and unique skills, as assessed by the director in auditions, callbacks, and previous productions.

    • “Fit” for a specific role, in service of best storytelling, as assessed by the director in auditions and callbacks.

    • Tenure of involvement with the program.

    • Personal character, professionalism, ability to work as part of a team, and commitment, as demonstrated in involvement with the program at large, in previous production processes, and in school.

    • Adherence to Shoreline’s Activity/Leadership Code of Conduct.