• Curriculum Links:

    Curriculum Links:
    Google Classroom: 
    username: student # (0991234)
    password: 00991234 - student $ with an extra 0 in front
    Mastery Club Website: www.mrsrenz.net/masteryclub.htm
    IXL - https://www.ixl.com/signin/shoreline
    Username - google - first initial/last initial/student id
    Password - on login sticker on planner
    Pearson Math - https://sso.rumba.pearsoncmg.com/sso/login?profile=eb&service=https://k12integrations.pearsoncmg.com/ca/dashboard.htm&EBTenant=SSD-WA
    Username: firstname/lastname/birthday (susanjones0205)
    Password: Student ID (0981234)
    Typing Club - https://www.typingclub.com - sign in with google
    XtraMath - https://xtramath.org/#/home/index
    Teacher email - rhonda.okazaki@shorelineschools.org
    Pin: on student login sticker on planner
    SRI Reading Counts -can only be accessed at school.
    Lexile.com - to look up a book's lexile level