Homework Policy:
    In 4th grade we believe in the power of student choice as an engagement tool. Homework is a chance for students to not only review topics studied in class, but also an opportunity to expand on those topics in a way that enhances a student’s engagement with school. 
    Starting in September, students will choose assignments to complete from a choice board. There will be reading, writing, math and science/social studies options. The first couple of months we will focus on how to make good choices, do quality work, and celebrate getting the work turned back in on time. The choice board will be given on Monday and assignments due on Friday, to start. We will work our way up to a two-week period and then eventually a month-long period. 
    In addition to the choice board, I would like students to read at home a minimum of 30 minutes a day. Much research has been done on the effect of this practice on student achievement (not to mention the pure joy of reading a book that they love!)

    Other Options-IXL, Xtra Math, Typing Club, Code.org, and Readworks  are all online programs we use in class that can also be accessed at home. 

    October Homework Menu:

    Homework Menu #2: October  Directions: You will choose  4-6 activities these two weeks to work on as homework. Work throughout each week and do your best work.  We’ll have TWO Share Days: Friday, 10/18 and  Friday 10/25 for you to share your finished products and new learning with the class. Challenge yourself and pick from more than one area. The  focus continues to be on quality of work - use the rubric on the back to make your work the best it can be. You may use a computer to write, create, or research your projects - links below.  
    Language   Arts
    Word Study
          Science/Social Studies
    Complete “Find It! Quotation Marks” and “Punctuation, Quotations, and Capitalizations” worksheets that are attached. .
    Create a one-page poster that teaches about the difference between common nouns and proper nouns. Make sure to include at least 7 examples of each. Type up the words or use your neatest handwriting. Find a way to add color and interest to the poster.
    Write a letter to your teacher about the book you are reading - use proper letter format (see example)
    Fiction: Share a lesson someone could learn from this book. Explain with examples of things the characters did or events in the book.
    Non-Fiction: Share some information that was new to you that you learned from reading this book.
    Complete the “Measuring in Centimeters” assignment, attached, pages 23 and 24. Remember to measure in centimeters, NOT inches.
    Write and illustrate 10 facts about Washington state history.
    Write a letter to someone you admire using proper letter format. Include 3 reasons why you admire them. 
    Read and complete the attached writing prompts for the words “incognito” and “attire”. Complete the prompts on lined paper, or type them up. Each one should be a paragraph or more.
    Create a new book cover/jacket for your book. Draw a different cover neatly and colored, write the title/author. Write your own summary of the book inside the book jacket, just like a real book cover. Remember don’t give away the ending!

    Addition review:

    Write and solve 7-10 word problems that require addition of 4,5 or 6- digit numbers. 
    For ex: “Mrs. Wheaton read 15,310 seconds in September, and 12,482 so far in October. How many minutes has she read in September and October?” Show your work.
    List all of the counties in Washington State and write a paragraph about five of those counties.