• Homework Policy for Room 11

    Homework packets will go home every Monday, to be due the following Monday.  Packets will include content we are currently working on in class along with review problems and concepts previously taught during classtime. No new concepts will be introduced in Homework.  Homework is designed to be practice and re-teaching. 

    Homework packets are NOT meant to be done in one evening.  Each family needs to determine what homework schedule works for them according to their after school activites and other family and work obligations.  Typically, second graders should work on no more than 20 minutes of homework a night.  Of course, family schedules can change and what is planned homework time does not always work out.  Please adjust your schedule with your child.  This is a perfect chance for them to learn time management. 

    I do not "grade" homework.  What I look for is responsibility in turning in their weekly packet, looking at a particular worksheet for a specific skill if I am spot checking achievement levels, and establishing a homework routine for them that they can continue through 2nd grade and beyond.