Intended Learning Skills

Intended Learning Skills

  • Literacy

    It is my hope as an educator that your child develops a love for reading and becomes an avid reader starting in childhood and on into adulthood.  Therefore, I believe it is important that your child reads books that tap into his/her interests and are at the appropriate reading level so that your child experiences success as a reader.  When you and your child go to the library to choose books, you can use the "just right" test for finding books that your child can read independently.  It is also important that you and your child read together for ~20 minutes each night.  Below you'll find some suggestions on interactive reading strategies.

    Before Reading:

    • Discuss the cover picture, title, and author
    • Ask your child to make predictions about what will happen in the story
    • Discuss what your child already knows about the subject matter to activate prior knowledge

    During Reading:

    • Encourage your child to form mental pictures of the story
    • Ask questions about the characters, setting, plot
    • Make predictions about what will happen next in the story

    After Reading:

    • Ask your child to retell the story in his/her own words (what happened in the beginning, middle, end?)
    • Ask about her/his favorite parts of the story
    • Compare/contrast this story to other stories you have read