Welcome to Shorewood Basketball!

  • We are a program that serves to provide girls coming through Shorewood High School a great extracurricular opportunity to play basketball at a high level.

    We believe in the whole person, and want our girls to be well-rounded people who participate in other sports, school activities, and maintain strong GPAs.  For the 2017-2018 season, our girls' varsity basketball program had the highest team GPA of any winter activity at Shorewood High School!

    We want families to know exactly what is involved in being a part of Shorewood Basketball, because it does require a high degree of commitment, and we want players who are fully committed to the program.

    The official basketball season begins with tryouts in November and lasts until the beginning of March.  Practices are every weekday after school and some Saturday mornings.  Players are expected to make every practice and game, which means doing some scheduling around those commitments (players are given Thursday and Friday for Thanksgiving and five days for Christmas, typically three days before and one after... the schedule will be ready at the first practice).

    In June, we ask that players make a commitment to three weeks of basketball to prepare for the following season.  The commitment will mirror the regular season, with practices after school on weekdays, and a weekend tournament or two.

    The rest of the year, we want players to be involved in other things, so we encourage multi-sport athletes, musicians, thespians, etc.  During that the off season, it is still important that Shorewood Basketball players find opportunities to improve their game.  I have provided many ways to do so in the "Workouts and Training Videos" link to the left.  The basic responsibility of a high school baskeball player in a competitive program is that she finds time to work on her game on her own.  This doesn't need to take hours every day, but we recommend an average of 3 hours a week spent improving the player's skillset throughout the year (though we certainly encourage more).

    Girls from the Feeder Program and from Einstein are strongly encouraged to join us for what we do during the month of June, so we hope to see you there.

    Please email me with any questions.

    Mark Haner

    Head Coach, Shorewood Girls' Basketball