In June/July, we will be practicing/playing as a program.

  • The first day of practice is May 29th from 3-5pm, and we will practice most weekdays at that same time (actual schedule will be handed out at practice).  We strongly encourage Einstein players to come to practice during this time, even though they will have to arrive a little late due to Einstein's later release time.

    We will be participating in the Snohomish tournament, which is June 1st, 2nd, and 3rd up in Snohomish.  Times to be determined.  We will be entering two teams, and during our first week of tryouts, will figure out who makes varsity and JV for the tournament.  Our goal is to find a team for each player, but we cannot guarantee it, as we will not have a C team entered into the tournament.  The cost will be $35 per player.