We hold open gyms in the Spring and Fall

  • What is open gym?

    Open gym is something we occasionally offer during the months we're not allowed to coach the girls in the program.  The WIAA doesn't allow coaches to work on basketball-specific skills with players between the end of the state tournament in March and the end of the spring sports season over Memorial Day Weekend, and then again during fall (we can coach in June and July).

    The point of open gym is two fold.  First, we want to help provide the girls an opportunity to keep working on their game.  Between March and November, we want players to focus on improving their skills.  This means they should plan on spending 3-4 hours a week working on their game (most importantly, shooting shots).  Open gyms provide them a chance to do that.  Which leads to the second reason - spending more time with teammates.  When players work together to improve their game, they enjoy the process more and are more likely to make that 3-4 hours a week commitment.

    Open gyms will be on Mondays and Wednesdays from 3:00 - 4:00pm with myself, Coach Walt and/or Coach Jess supervising the gym. Again, coaches are not allowed to coach basketball skills during this time, but we can help with strength and conditioning, as well as provide supervision for the gym, allowing the girls to work on their shooting, ball handling, play games, etc.

    If for any reason open gym is canceled, we will do our best to put it in the announcements.