Kellogg construction sign

Project Overview

  • Construction on the new Kellogg Middle School is underway with an anticipated completion date of August 2020. The new 150,888 square foot school will have the capacity for 1,071 students. The architect for this project is Mahlum Architects and contractor is Hoffman Construction. The total estimated cost for the project is $106,150,000.

    The project is currently in the construction phase. You can find the latest Kellogg and Einstein Construction Update presentation HERE.

    Guiding Principles

    Active Learning Environments

    Inspiring the emerging adolescent with their varying needs between 6th through 8th grade, through adaptable environments that embrace evolutions in education, respond to growth in the community and highlight student work.

    Variety of Spaces

    Supporting varying learning styles, in a variety of group sizes and reinforces personalized learning.

    Dynamic Environment

    Provide a dynamic open space that allows diverse groups to come together, well zoned for after-hours community use, and encourages creativity with space to DO things.

    Safety and Security

    Provide safe and secure spaces for students and staff that are welcoming to the Community.

    Create Community

    An environment that honors community values and promotes community access through a place that is welcoming and supports enjoyment and reflection.

    Embrace Indoor/Outdoor Connections

    Engage the whole site as a learning tool, reinforcing our role as global citizens.


    Design to foster pride and diversity as a family within the school. Creating pride in place that is welcoming to those with diverse abilities.

    Environmentally Responsible Campus

    Embrace the building as a teaching tool in how to be good stewards of our environment, while creating global connections.



  • Anticipated Date of Occupancy
    August 2020

    Anticipated Date of Project Completion (landscaping, field, etc.)
    December 2020