Parkwood construction sign

Project Overview

  • Parkwood Elementary is currently in the construction phase with completion expected in August 2019. The new school will be 64,800 square feet with a capacity for 500 students The project's architect is DLR Architects and a contractor is Allied Construction. The total estimated project cost is $46,909,000.

    Visit the Parkwood Elementary School website for additional school construction information.


    Parkwood Project Guiding Principles:

    Parkwood’s Mission: Through our core values of Academic Excellence, Community, Collaboration, and Respect for Human Differences, Parkwood Elementary School inspires and prepares students to reach their highest potential and live empowered, successful, and compassionate lives.

    Our new building meets or exceeds industry standards for geographic, environmental, and physical health and safety as well as provides welcoming, flexible, easily accessible spaces for public use. It will incorporate natural light, have designated spaces for the arts, be fully ADA accessible, and well-prepared for technological advancements. Additionally, the newly constructed Parkwood will strengthen our core values in the following ways:

    Academic Excellence: Students and staff learn in spaces that are flexible and intentionally designed to support diverse learning experiences, styles, and needs. The school’s overall layout maximizes instructional time by facilitating efficient movement, streamlined access to instructional resources, and a shared, school-wide responsibility for the success of each student.

    Community: Parkwood’s design prioritizes an inclusive, welcoming, and multi-cultural spirit that fosters teaming, work, and social relationships between and amongst staff, students, communities, and stakeholders. School spaces enable large and small-scale performances, celebrations, and community events. The building has centralized access to shared staff spaces while it simultaneously provides quiet spaces for private activities and work. 

    Collaboration: Structured and informal interactions amongst Parkwood stakeholders foster authentic and supportive relationships. Recognizing that collaboration across grade levels, programs, and job types is important for staff and student growth, the building facilitates easy movement as well as chance encounters for staff and students.

    Respect for Human Differences: Parkwood’s design makes students and staff feel empowered and comfortable. Positive behaviors are seamlessly supported through deliberate movement and gathering patterns in hallway design, lunchroom configuration, and arrival/dismissal zones. Inclusive principles are overtly emphasized in learning and community spaces. Furnishings are adaptable and flexible, blending is easy and effortless, and diverse families/cultures/experiences are represented and supported.





  • Anticipated Date of Occupancy
    August 2019

    Anticipated Date of Field Upgrade
    December 2020