• 2019 Golf Schedule

    2019Shorecrest HS Girls Golf Schdule      
    March Location Event Schools
    4 Nile practice  
    5 Nile practice  
    6 Jackson Park Jamboree Inglemore, Kings
    7 Jackson Park practice  
    8 Jackson Park Range  
    11 Nile practice  
    12 Inglewood GCC NL Match Inglemore, Kings
    13 Jackson Park practice  
    14 Jackson Park practice  
    15 Jackson Park Range  
    18 Lynnwood GC League Match 1 Meadowdale, Archbishop Murphy, Lynnwood
    19 Whidbey Island GC Whidbey Shootout  
    20 Jackson Park practice  
    21 Jackson Park practice  
    22 Jackson Park Range  
    25 Nile practice  
    26 Jackson Park practice  
    27 Jackson Park League Match 2 Edmonds Woodway, MLT, Shorewood
    28 Jackson Park practice  
    29 Jackson Park Range  
    1 Nile practice  
    2 Nile Practice  
    3 Jackson Park League Match 3 Shorewood, Archbishop Murphy
    4 Jackson Park practice  
    5 Puetz    
    8 Nile practice  
    9 Nile practice  
    10 Jackson Park practice  
    11 Lynnwood GC League Match 4 Lynnwood, Shorewood, Meadowdale
    12 Puetz    
    15 Nile practice  
    16 Nile League Match 5 MLT, Ceadarcrest, EW
    17 Desert Canyon DC Invite GP, Arlington, Oak Harbor, MG
    18 Desert Canyon DC Invite GP, Arlington, Oak Harbor, MG
    19 Puetz    
    22-26 SPRING BREAK    
    29 Nile practice  
    30 Avalon GC BQ Invite GP, Arlington, Oak Harbor
    1 Jackson Park practice  
    2 Jackson Park practice  
    3 Puetz    
    6 TBD Divisional?  
    7 TBD Divisional?  
    8 Jackson Park practice  
    9 Jackson Park practice  
    10 Puetz    
    13 Nile practice  
    14 Walter Hall Memorial District Tournament  
    15 Walter Hall Memorial District Tournament  
    16 Jackson Park practice  
    17 Puetz    
    20 Hawks Prarie GC STATE Practice Round  
    21 Hawks Prarie GC STATE Round 1  
    22 Hawks Prarie GC STATE Round 2  
      Additional Important Dates:    
      4/6 at 5:30 there will be an informational meeting for parents.    


    The expectation for Varsity Golf is that team members attend all practices, from beginning to end and are available to compete in all matches and tournaments. The expectation is that team members come prepared for the game of golf, in all weather conditions, dressed appropriately and behave in a manner that represents Shorecrest HS with class and respect.

    In order to earn a Varsity Letter in Golf, the athletes must compete in 2 Varsity matches as well as meet the attendance expectations set forth above. A match consists of six (6) golfers.

    I fully understand that extenuating circumstances do exist once or twice over the course of a sport season that may cause an athlete to miss a practice or a match.  The Head Coach will deal with these issues on a case by case instance. Too many incidents may result in loss of lettering, position ranking on the team, etc.