JV Information

  • Welcome! 

    Hello JV players and families!  My name is Chad Frisk and I'm looking forward to another great season with all of you.  

    Let me give you a quick rundown of my coaching philosophy.  The most important thing for me is learning.  I think a lot of our players will be relatively new to the game, and I am excited to watch all of them improve over the course of the season.  I know they will.

     I plan to work with them to develop the basic know-how they can use to ratchet up their tennis games.  That includes mental techniques, particularly those for managing frustration and learning from failure.  Tennis is as much a mental game as a physical one, and those players who can keep a level head and self-medicate on the court are well positioned for success.

    It is also important to me that the players enjoy every day on the courts, so I will design practices to balance fun in the now with future-oriented skill building.  

    Coaches Contact Information

    This is my fourth year serving as the coach of the JV team. I've learned a lot from the players over that time, but I'm sure I will still make mistakes. I'm also increasingly confident that making and correcting mistakes is indeed the best way to learn.  I hope to model proper learning techniques for our student-athletes, so if you have any concerns, please contact me.  

    As Coach Mann said at the parent meeting, we want to give our players chances to manage conflict for themselves, so we ask that you have them talk to us directly about their concerns before you contact us.  

    Of course, if those concerns persist then I would be more than happy to work with parents to address them.  I'm not happy unless all of you are happy.  Questions about scheduling, court-locations, pick-up times, and anything else are always welcome!

       Email: scjvboystennis@gmail.com

       Cell Number: 206-602-5344

    - Chad