Creating a Resume

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    Why Have a Resume? 

    • To use to apply for a job. 
    • To use for a scholarship.
    • To use when applying to college.
    • To use for any kind of interview:  informational, college admissions, employment. 
    • To complete your Senior Project. 


    Which Tools Help You Create a Resume? 

    There are many options, each with advantages and disadvantages. 

    Use the Shorewood templates

    Template 1   student with work experience

    Template 2   student with volunteer experience

    OR, do any of the following options

    • Follow the Resume Rubric and Sample (view both pages) used for evaluation for the Shorewood High School & Beyond Plan; 
    • Use the latest Junior Resume Presentation January 2023 for guidance;
    • Create a Google doc on your own; 
    • Use Word, Pages, or another tool/ free online template, though you do not need anything fancy! 


    Do's for Creating a Resume

    • Know that you have skills & experiences worth noting.
    • Be brief.
    • Be neat.
    • Use a simple layout. 
    • Make your descriptions active.
    • Proofread & seek feedback. 
    • Keep it updated & handy. 

    A resume will be required as part of the senior portion of the HSBP. No matter what grade you are, we encourage you to use the Resume Rubric and Sample (view both pages) for guidance. 

    Don'ts for Creating a Resume

    • Be fancy. 
    • Use more than two fonts/ styles. 
    • Use graphics or extra lines.
    • Be wordy.
    • Make things up.
    • Go too far back in time.  



    Use the High School & Beyond Plan Resume Guide for Washington State guidelines for this element of the Senior Project. 

    The below guide from the Boston Mayor's Youth Council has excellent section-by-section advice, an extensive list of resume action words, and sample resumes.

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.
  • Highlights in Teen Resume Guide

    • good advice pages 1-6, especially section-by-section advice pages 3-6
    • action words on page 7
    • sample resumes on pages 8 and 9
      • best samples:  Jessica on page 8 and Tony on page 9
      • not-so-good sample:  Shaina on page 9
      • please do not use extra fonts & lines as shown on that sample
  • Want a reliable resource? See Boston University's Center for Career Development Resumes + Letters section. 

resume word cloud
  • On Your Resume

    Must Have

    • Contact Information
    • Education

    Strongly Suggested

    • Skills and Strengths
    • Experience
    • Activities

    Optional (customize as appropriate)

    • Work Experience
    • Volunteer Experience
    • Extracurricular Activities
    • Awards/ Certificates
    • Skills/ Academic Achievement
    • Music/ Artistic Achievement
    • Athletic Achievement
    • References
    • Leadership
    • Additional Information