School Improvement Planning and Implementation

  • The highest priority of Teaching and Learning Department is to ensure that each and every Shoreline student is achieving at high levels of learning.

    To assess the current reality of a school, identity and address opportunities for growth, Shoreline Public Schools annually participate in a need assessment review, conducted by the Department of Teaching and Learning. Taking into account current district and state assessment data, the schools draft a school improvement plan to identify needs and suggest paths for improvement.

     The continuous improvement process is an outcome of collaboration between educators and stakeholders and is used to coordinate and prioritize all work of the school in the context of student achievement. It gives educators and stakeholders an opportunity to address immediate instructional and management issues and improve student learning. The impact on student achievement is tracked through repeated observation, evaluation and adjustments, allowing schools make data-driven, research-based decisions focused on making an unmistakable impact on how teachers teach and how students learn.

     All individual school improvement plans align with the district Instructional Strategic Plan and are the driving force behind the theory of change in our district's strategic framework. 

2022-2023 School Improvement Plan