• Summer Programs

    Please do your research and check out each program thoroughly before you sign up. On this page (it's long!), we include: 

    • Local Summer Programs
    • Summer Program Search Tools & Lists (on the right) 
    • University Programs displayed in a spreadsheet below
    • Nationwide & International Programs

    We will update this page as we receive information for Summer 2023. We usually list about 30 local programs each summer.

    Please note that deadlines and application procedures vary greatly.

    Local Guides:  Parent Map Camps & Activities for Summer 2023 and Parent Map Camps + Classes Finder

Summer 2023 Local Camps

  • University Programs

    Please note that: 

    • Many colleges offer online programs; this is not a comprehensive list. 
    • These programs are listed as a courtesy to the community; listing does not equal endorsement. Please check out the programs thoroughly before signing up.  
    • Attending one of these programs will not increase your chance of admissions to that--or any other--college. If you wish to do a program for enrichment, go ahead. Do not regard it as a big plus on your resume. Colleges value work and volunteer experience as much or more than paid enrichment programs. 
  • Summer Program Search Tools and Lists

    Lists by outside organizations. Info may not be current. Please verify each program directly. 

Nationwide & International Summer Programs