• Summer Programs

    Please do your research and check out each program thoroughly before you sign up. On this page, we include: 

    • Local Summer Programs
    • Summer Program Search Tools & Lists
    • University Programs displayed in a spreadsheet below
    • Nationwide & International Programs


    Local Guide:  Parent Map Guide to Summer 2022

  • Summer Program Search Tools and Lists

    Lists by outside organizations. Info may not be current. Please verify each program directly. 

  • University Programs

    Please note that: 

    • Many colleges offer online programs; this is not a comprehensive list. 
    • These programs are listed as a courtesy to the community; listing does not equal endorsement. Please check out the programs thoroughly before signing up.  
    • Attending one of these programs will not increase your chance of admissions to that--or any other--college. If you wish to do a program for enrichment, go ahead. Do not regard it as a big plus on your resume. Colleges value work and volunteer experience as much or more than paid enrichment programs. 

Nationwide & International Summer Programs