• Dear Kellogg Families
    Part of any student’s successful navigation of middle school starts with knowing the school’s expectations. Kellogg staff communicated our school-wide expectations to all students in two main ways.
    First, all students were shown a Power Point of our school-wide expectations and processes in their classrooms on Friday, September 8. Copies of those presentations are provided here for your information and review.
    Also, on Thursday, September 14th and Friday, September 15th, Administrators (Heather Hiatt, Casey Campbell, and John Green) presented all students with additional expectations by showing our Kellogg Student Rights and Responsibilities presentation (attached as well, for your reference). 
    We are in the process of revising our Student Handbook. While we are working on it, here is a copy of last year’s which does still contain relevant information. We will announce when the new handbook is complete.