PE Shoe Policy

  • Wearing appropriate athletic shoes for PE is important for safety and to help students be more successful with activities (just imagine a tag game in clunky snow boots!). To help students with this, here are strategies I use:

    1) Design PE lessons that are age-appropriate and safe for all learners
    2) Have a supply of shoes that student can borrow (*limited supply) and be sanitized after each use
    3) Give shoe reminder slips to students, helping them to remember WHEN they have PE, so they can prepare for future sessions
    4) Communicate home or with family advocates to help students acquire safe PE shoes

    Even give these steps, in rare cases, sometimes students refuse or are unwilling to wear (or borrow) safe PE shoes. If this occurs on regular basis, even after communicating home, then PE report card scores for actively and appropriate participating will be reduced. 

    Please reach out to me if you would like support or help acquiring PE shoes for your child(ren). I'm here to help :)

    In healthy regards, 

    ~Mrs. Hoover