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  • Room 1 News and Notes


    Math:    Students are working with measurement and learning terms such as length, height, and capacity. You can ask them how they compare objects using each of these terms.


    We have studied the letter a (next will be o) in the Superkids curriculum, which included letter recognition, letter sounds, and letter writing.  Students will be continuing to learn approximately 1 new letter every other week and can practice writing those words at home! Continued practice with rhyming is also helpful!



    We will soon be starting the patterns unit. Students will learn how to identify patterns and relate to patterns in their lives.



    Buddy class


    Students will be meeting their buddies soon! They will be reading, writing, working on math, and other projects this year will buddies!



    I enjoyed meeting with you for the WaKids conferences and I am looking forward to meeting again this month. We will be talking about your child, looking at assessments, and forming goals for the year.


    Harvest Party:

    You will be receiving information in the near future describing the party. This will take place on the 31st, immediately after they parade through the first grade and kindergarten classrooms.


    Dates to Remember




    Conferences (early dismissal): October 9th-11th

    Early dismissal: October 12th

    No School: October 13th

    Harvest Party/Halloween Parade:  October 31st

    No School: November 11th



    Thanks for your support!    Jed


    Jed Feltis  jed.feltis@shorelineschools.org



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  •      AMK Echo Lake

    Mr. Feltis Rm. 3

    September 26, 2017



    Swift Website Page: http://learn.shorelineschools.org/echolake/jfeltis/index.php

        Thank you to the families who were able to come to Curriculum Night last Tuesday.   I enjoyed meeting more of you and informing you about this year’s curriculum. If you were unable to attend, I have sent a packet of handouts home with your child. Please contact me with any questions you may have or if you need more copies of anything,


    Conferences: A Parent Teacher Conference sign up form has come home for you to indicate the best day and time for us to meet in October. I’m beginning to assign days and times now so please return your form as soon as you can so I can accommodate your preference. Those afternoon dates in October are the 12th, 13th and 14th from Noon to 4:00 p.m.


    Buddy Class: Mr. Ballard’s second graders will be visiting our class to help with reading, writing, and more! Our first visit is this week! They will be seeing us every other week.


    Entry Assessments:     We are busy conducting entry assessments in reading and math and will be doing so for another week or two.     This data will tell me where learners are at academically so that I may develop instruction to meet the needs of all learners.


    Reading: In reading we have been working with a great program called Zoophonics.     This is an alphabet program that teaches letters and sounds with zoo animals.   For each letter there is an animal, gesture and sound that we say and demonstrate with our voice and body. Ask your child about Allie Alligator, Catina Cat or Penguin Pete.     More information will be coming home on this program. Our formal study of letters and sounds will begin on Monday, October 3rd.


    Math: We have begun Topic 1 in our new math curriculum, Envision Math. We are studying “Sorting and Classifying” along with learning about colors using the book, Brown Bear Brown Bear, What Do You See as our theme. Our math program includes animated stories, books, manipulatives and worksheets to engage students and vary learning. We tackle problems by whole group, small group and with independent practice.


    Please check the website for additional information. Have a great weekend!

    Mr. Feltis



































    Upcoming dates


    Jogathon/Readathon                September 30th

    No school                                October 7th

    Conferences                            October 12th-14th

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         Mr. Feltis

    February 1, 2017


    February is here! See what we have been doing below:


    Math: Our current unit works with operations and algebraic thinking. This includes addition as putting together and adding to, and subtraction as taking apart and taking from.   The next unit will be working with numbers and operations in base ten.


    Reading/Writing: We have learned all the letters and are continuing to blend and segment. We have learned several sight words and they are continuing to write in their journals. We are also beginning to work with word families (words that end the same but have a different first sound such as ran, can, fan). You can continue to work with them at home by rhyming words, having them blend and segment simple words such as can, run, sun, as well as simple nonsense words such as sut, kiz and more.  


    Science: The students will soon be enjoying the study of animals for science. Once we start you are encouraged to ask them to tell you about observing the animals!


    Social Studies/Show and Tell: We will turn our Show and Tell theme to family heritage for February. Students could bring in symbols of their heritage such as pictures, clothing, maps, and any other special items that represent their culture.


    2/14 Valentine’s Party-Please send valentines for all students if your child chooses to bring them.

    2/18 -2/26 Mid Winter Break

    2/27 100th Day of School




    Mr. Feltis




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  • Room 1 News and Notes


    Jed Feltis  jed.feltis@shorelineschools.org




    Math:    We are working with comparing and ordering numbers 0 to 5. Students have learned about terms such as more, fewer, and how to order numbers on a number line. They also will be practicing writing numbers to 5 and playing games that reinforce the concepts. The next unit with be working with numbers 6 to 10.


    We have studied the letters which go with each of the Superkids Cass, Oswald, Golly, Alf, Doc, Sal and Lily. This includes letter recognition, letter sounds, and letter writing.  They have been practicing identifying the beginning, middle and ending sounds in words, and blending those sounds. Try this at home with simple words like bus, bag, rug, etc. Students will be continuing to learn letters and can practice writing the alphabet at home! Continued practice with rhyming is also helpful!




    Students have been writing as a response to prompts such as “When I am bigger”. They copy the prompt and then finish the sentence by sounding out the words they want to use.




    We finished the unit on patterns. We will soon be starting to explore force and motion. Students will be making inventions to learn about how force creates motion. 


    Buddy class


    Students have been enjoying meeting with their buddies from Mr. Bond’s class! They have been reading on a weekly basis!









    Dates to Remember



    December 8-Book-it Theatre assembly

    December 15-Student celebration assembly

    December 20-Jan. 2-No School-Winter Break

    January 15-No school Martin Luther King Jr. Day



    Thanks for your support!    Jed



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  •            Brown Bear Brown Bear, What Do You See?


    Dear Families,

         Beginning on Monday, the 13th, we will be reading the story Brown Bear Brown Bear, What do you see, by Bill Martin Jr. Each day we will emphasize one color and make one animal from the story so at the end of the month, your child will have completed their own Brown Bear Book and strengthened their understanding of colors.

         I am hoping each child will celebrate each character by wearing something with the “color of the day”. To extend learning, we will be making a daily math graph to see how many are/are not wearing the color of the day. If your child doesn’t have a piece of clothing with the color of the day, a simple piece of paper pinned to a shirt will do nicely. The schedule below will begin Monday:




    Monday       9/13       Brown

    Tuesday       9/14       Red

    Wednesday 9/15     Yellow

    Thursday     9/16     Blue

    Friday         9/17       Green


    Monday       9/20       Purple

    Tuesday       9/21       White

    Wednesday  9/22       Black

    Thursday     9/23       Gold


    Thank you for helping your child with this! It is especially a lot of fun when everyone joins in by wearing the “color of the day.” If you have any questions, please contact me. Reading takes you amazing places….


    Mrs. Holmes


    (206) 393-4338


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  • Dear Kindergarten Families,

           We have all taken a big step together today. We have successfully completed our first day of kindergarten, and it was great!

    We started our first day today by reading the story of the Gingerbread Man. However, the Gingerbread Man left us a special note in the book leading us on a scavenger hunt around the school to find a special treat. While we were searching, we toured the office, nurse’s office, library, gym, lunchroom, and various classrooms. We finally found our treat back in our classroom and it was delicious!


    This week we will paint, write, color and retell the story of the Gingerbread Man! Room 10 kindergartners will be busy meeting new friends, learning routines and schedules, as well as finding their way around our school and classroom.


    We will continue to work on establishing our routines and setting the atmosphere in our classroom as a nurturing, welcoming, fun, and of course educational place to be! We will learn more about each other and incorporate various themes into our learning.



    Room 10 kindergartners will have snack each day.


    I keep a snack cupboard that stores our class snacks. Please do not send in individual snacks for your child each day unless they have allergies that do not allow them to share class snacks.


    Please send in a box of crackers to provide for class snacks. We will store them in our snack cupboard and request more when we are running low. Please send snacks that are low in sugar. Cookies and other sugary treats are reserved for special occasions. Goldfish crackers, Ritz crackers, Graham crackers, Cheez-It crackers and such would be great for snack time! Please avoid snacks with any sort of nuts. I have an extensive list of nut free snacks that I would be happy to share with you – just let me know. J

    We are a NUT FREE ZONE!


    Please send in snack at your earliest convenience, and I will let you know when we need to replenish our snack cupboard again!


    Plastic Envelopes

    Your child brought home a plastic envelope today. This will be used to send papers and work home each day. Please have your child return it to school each day.


    How to contact Mrs. Smullin

    Feel free to email, call, or send a note.

    You can call the school office at 206-393-4338 and my email address is christy.smullin@shorelineschools.org


    Super Bee

    Each day in Room 10, one student will take Super Bee home! Super Bee is a special stuffed animal that is awarded to a student at the end of the day that had particularly good behavior for the day. That student gets to take Super Bee home for the evening and return him to school the following day. The Super Bee student will also help with special jobs the next day as well as lead the class in our calendar activities! We will begin our Super Bee activities at the end of the week.

    We are busy bees, worker bees, helper bees, and of course SUPER BEES in Room 10!


    Library, Arts, and PE

    Room 10 kindergartners are lucky to have PE class with Mrs. Crosby, Integrated Arts class with Mrs. Santo-Pietro, and Library with Mr. Day twice a week. Students will have PE on Mondays and Thursdays. They should wear soft sole shoes and pants on these days. Students will have Integrated Arts on Tuesdays and Wednesdays. Integrated Arts includes visual arts, creative arts, drama, singing, dancing, etc. On Mondays and Fridays, students will have library.


    Curriculum Night

    Echo Lake will be having an evening devoted to parents on Tuesday, September 25. Information will come home at a later date regarding specific times. Parents will have the opportunity to go visit their child’s classroom and learn about the curriculum. This is a parents only evening, so babysitters will be needed for this evening. I look forward to seeing you!




    Mrs. Smullin J

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  • April newsletter

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    I am very happy to be here at Echo Lake! Here is some information on my teaching background and who I am. Having been a classroom teacher for ten years I set out to attain a Master’s degree in teaching reading and literacy. At the same time I accepted a position as Technology Integration Specialist in Shoreline. Helping students and teachers use technology to enhance student learning was a wonderful experience! Next I was fortunate to have another fantastic experience working as Library Resource Teacher at Sunset Elementary! My next stop on my journey was Syre Elementary where I taught third grade. Additionally I worked as a P.E. teacher for Room 9 School during the 2008/2009 year and part time at Echo Lake a couple of years ago.

    During these past 4 years I have enjoyed volunteering in my son and daughter’s classes, working with small reading and handwriting groups.

    As for the personal side I enjoy spending time with my wife, son and daughter, and our dogs Brady and Abby! Some of our favorite activities are biking, swimming, playing soccer or lacrosse at nearby Greenlake or Magnuson parks. Additionally I enjoy coaching soccer and lacrosse teams, kayaking, reading, and volunteering at my children’s school.


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