• Highlander Home Calendar

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    Highlander Home Schedule

    Highlander Home Weekly Schedule

    9:40-10:15 Tues. – Fri.

    Monday (A)

    Tuesday (E)

    Wednesday (O)

    Thursday  (E)

    Friday (O)

      No HH on A   days

    • Purple Pass
    • Commons for Group Study for JR/SR in good standing
    • Study Time


    • Purple Pass
    • Study Time


    • All students stay in assigned HH
    • School-wide info, activities, etc.
    • Live SCNN at 10:05
    • Purple Pass for students not in meetings
    • Study Time
    • Purple Pass for students not in meetings
    • Class meetings & assemblies often scheduled
    • Study Time 

    Purple Pass Expectations 

    • If a teacher assigns student a purple pass, student must attend as assigned
    • Students must first obtain a purple pass (or be assigned one) from destination teacher
    • All students must check in with HH teacher first, ask them to sign purple pass to travel
    • HH Teachers can send students to print in Library with a purple pass at 10:05

    What is “good standing”?

    • Student is Earning Grades of A/B/or C in All Classes (Student pulls up Canvas grades and shows to teacher when asking permission to leave to Commons, no D or F grades)
    • Student was on time to Highlander Home Classes in the previous week

    Daily: Be in Final Location by 9:45 / SW Traveling Students leave at 10:00 / Anncmts. or SCNN at 10:05