• Clubs and Student Groups


    Introduction to Clubs at Shorecrest

    Clubs are one of the best ways of starting a community at Shorecrest. Bringing together people with similar interests fosters a more inclusive community, which is ultimately what we seek as a school. Clubs range from everything from Dungeons & Dragons to Environmental Club. These little communities within Shorecrest are a great way to connect with more people at the school, who you might not normally interact with, if it weren't for your similar interests.


    Starting a New Club

    If you are interested in starting a new club, feel free to contact the Shorecrest Activities Coordinator, Ms. Phillips, through email or by making your way to Room 139, for a packet containing all the relevant information to start your own club. The process is fairly simple. Additionally, information about starting a new club can be found in the following handout.


    Current Clubs / Student Groups Up & Running for 2022-2023

    To contact any of the advisors listed below, this link will take you to the staff directory. Or you may also call 206-393-4286 to reach the Shorecrest Main Office. 

    In the case of most clubs, you can join by just beginning to attend meetings. Clubs evolve and begin at all different times of year, email the advisor if you are unsure of when the club is meeting.


    Are you a Club Leader with Questions? Try this:  Information Packet for club leaders

     Current Clubs / Student Groups Up & Running for 2022-2023

    email advisor to get involved.

    Club Name Advisor Name Club Leader Club Leader Meeting Day / Time Room Number
    Other meeting notes
    Animal Welfare Club Elwell, Kathy Corbitt, Logan   Thurs. lunch 228  
    Anime Club Fresco Crystal Chen Elizabeth al khafaji retaj Mon. Lunch 245  
    Art Club King, Laura Reed, Fiona   Weds. Lunch / Monday after school T113  
    Asian Pacific Islander Culture Club Fresco, Crystal Lanter, Elisabeth   Tues. Lunch 245  
    Aspiring Authors Micaela Canedo Meredith Young Rae Johnston Tues. Lunch 242 We are meeting every other Monday during lunch (not every week)
    Badminton Hulbert, Siri Pangukir, Justin   Fri. lunch 232 or outside commons Thursday after school
    Black Student Union (BSU)
    Tellefson, Stacia
        Thurs. lunch 321  
    Book Club Chen Lisa Lee Hannah   Mon. Lunch 310  
    Care Club Goenen, Beth Bozorgi, Sevin Cadence Rotarius Mon. Lunch M208  
    Ceramics van den Bosch, Craig Xavier Reyes-Jech   Tues. Lunch T110  
    Chess Club Riley, Christopher Deng Lucas Valdez, Emiliano Thurs. lunch
    Commons by Vending machine
    Chinese Club Chen, Lisa Chen, Elizabeth   Fri. lunch 310  
    Climbing club kim olsen zachary oehler   Mon. Lunch 344  
    Comp Sci Allen, Eric Muhammad, Aayan Suleiman, Joseph Mon. Lunch 209  
    Criminology Club Cobb, Linda Le, Calvin Ensign, Magnolia Fri. lunch 207  
    Crochet Club Bruns, Alan Zaprzalka, Sasha Liu, Harlan Tues. Lunch 244  
    Debate Club Walters, Rhys Ghatak, Toa Santiago, Leslie Mon. Lunch 346  
    DECA Gonzalez, Dianna Raichur, Shivraj Ally Miner Tues. Lunch 193  
    Environmental Club Stacia Tellefson Tesfihuen Nuhamin Fatima Camara Weds. Lunch 321  
    Fashion Club Powell, Ian Rao, Anika Rochleau-Rice, Katie Fri. lunch 248  
    French Club Storck TBD   Weds. Lunch 229  
    Girls Who Code Allen, Eric Hoyt, Charlotte Hoyt, Abigail Fri. lunch 209  
    GSA (Gender & Sexuality Alliance) Gioino, Melissa Steiner, Lilli   Fri. lunch 305  
    History Club Goenen, Robert Harrick, Eliana Winslow, Aven Weds. Lunch 347  
    HOSA Chen, Lisa Rotarius, Cadence Tesfihuen, Nuhamin Thurs. lunch 310  
    Interact Jacqueline Drew Annika Fisher Claire Bold Weds. lunch 228  
    Japanese - Nihon Club Kurauchi Shiho     Mon. lunch M230  
    Jewish Student Union Friedman, Wendy Isaac, Rina Somers, Jordan Thurs. lunch 170  
    Lacrosse Club Elwell, Kathy Kelly, Pearse   Tues. Lunch 228  
    Language Club Liz Storck Ellida Klay   Thurs. lunch 229  
    Latino Club Martinez, Gabe Alexa Ruy-Aguilar Laura Bedoya Tues. Lunch 303  
    Magic the Gathering Club Kelly, Patrick & Hunter-Trujillo, Adzani AtkinsonClark, Cyrus   Fri. lunch and after school 227  
    Model United Nations Peterson, Joe Toa Ghatak Lauren Selin Thurs. lunch 351  
    Movie Club Wallace, Brian Kenaston, Taylor Sindelar, Ben Thurs. lunch 12:15 324  
    Music Club Comnick, Melissa Diaz, Caden   Weds. Lunch 208  
    Muslim Student Association Grieve, Brady Boyker, Ayesha Zahid, Alisha Tues. Lunch M339  
    Natural Helpers Clark, Lacy     Other - please describe below n/a  
    Newspaper van den Bosch, Craig Last-Bernal, Natasha   Fri. lunch M187  
    Nihon Club Kurauchi Shiho     We haven't set a meeting time yet M230  
    Peer Consent Educators Johnson, Coquille Winslow, Aven Camara, Fatima Fri. lunch 213  
    Poetry Club Haines, Stephen Huisman, Ace Troy-Stewart, Royal Tues. Lunch 344  
    Science Club Grieve, Braddock Viswanathan, Asha Rabaa, Laith Fri. lunch 339  
    Shorecrest Bible Study Club Busby, Brent Alexa Ruy-Aguilar Glesener, Elijah Weds. Lunch Rm 250  
    Shorecrest PALS Club (Peer Assisted Learning & Support) Busby, Brent Holthaus, Dawson Henderson, Ava Tues. Lunch Rm 250  
    Shoreline Student Union Orallo, Mario Rouhani, Aiden   Weds. Lunch College & Career Center
    Virtual meetings may be held between for SW + SC Branch collaboration
    South Asian Student Association Alley, Brandy Ghatak, Toa   Weds. Lunch 340 once a month
    Spike Ball Club Mr, Powell / Ian
    Martynenko Vladimir
      Weds. Lunch
    248 or Back Gym
    STEP Ruffin Falana Salomon, Zephyra Ahmed, Omneya Weds - TBD
    Meet 206 / Practice by Scot Shoppe
    Tattoo Haines, Kelli Swinney, Rebecca   Mon. Lunch 249  
    Trading card game (TCG) Goenen, Rob Stephen lai-fook Goenen, Ben Tues. Lunch 347  
    TSA (Technology Student Association) Potter, Kari and Slack, Emily Maas, Lola   Weds. Lunch M180  
    Women in STEM Steward, Nicole Viswanathan, Asha Cox, Hayley Thurs. lunch 323  
    World Affairs Club Alley, Brandy Mattson Shane Danilo Murata Tues. Lunch 340  
    Young Women in Bio Club Svrcek, David Viswanathan, Asha Kunchandy, Emma Tues. Lunch 311