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    Introduction to Clubs at Shorecrest

    Clubs are one of the best ways of starting a community at Shorecrest. Bringing together people with similar interests fosters a more inclusive community, which is ultimately what we seek as a school. Clubs range from everything from Dungeons & Dragons to Environmental Club. These little communities within Shorecrest are a great way to connect with more people at the school, who you might not normally interact with, if it weren't for your similar interests.


    Starting a New Club

    If you are interested in starting a new club, feel free to contact the Shorecrest Activities Coordinator, Ms. Phillips, through email or by making your way to Room 139, for a packet containing all the relevant information to start your own club. The process is fairly simple. Additionally, information to starting a new club can be found in the following handout.


    Current Clubs / Student Groups Up & Running for 2020-21

    To contact any of the advisors listed below, this link will take you to the staff directory. Or you may also call 206-393-4286 to reach the Shorecrest Main Office. 


    In the case of most clubs, you can join by just beginning to attend meetings. Clubs evolve and begin att all different times of year, email the advisor if you are unsure of when the club is meeting.


    Are you a Club Leader with Questions? Try these helpful links:

    Guidance for virtual clubs

     Information Packet for club leaders


     Current Clubs / Student Groups Up & Running for 2020-21 

    Check back every Monday for updates and more clubs! Virtual Club Fair video - click here. 

    Club Name

    Advisor Name (Last, First)

    Club President / Student Leader

    Club President / Student Leader

    Virtual Meeting Day

    Virtual Meeting Time 

    Virtual Meeting Frequency

    Zoom Link for Recurring Club Meeting

    Ambassadors Elwell, Kathy Naomi Kohlmer Audrey Hamm not consistent TBD   https://zoom.us/j/2496958534    
    Art Club King, Laura haley trebon   Tuesday 11:15-12:00 Weekly https://us02web.zoom.us/my/laura.b.king we have an after school studio time for art on mondays from 3-4pm, and core meetings on tuesdays from 12:55-1-30pm  
    Asian Pacific Islander Culture Club (APICC) Fresco, Crystal Wong, Langley Sy, May Thursday 11:30-12:00 Weekly    
    Bible Study Club (BSC) Busby, Brent Jordan Glesner Thomas Rhodes Tuesday 11:15-12:00 Weekly https://zoom.us/j/91380322910?pwd=QWFLY1BVeXh0K2hPMWx3ZlRmL2RTdz09    
    Book Club Kim Olsen Ella Fredericks   Tuesday 11:15-12:00 Weekly https://zoom.us/my/kimolsen    
    BSU (Black Student Union) Tellefson, Stacia Ismail, HIbaq Weary, Mikayla and Johnson, Elijah Thursday 3:00 PM Weekly https://zoom.us/my/stacia.tellefson

    Meeting ID: 963 2984 7560
    Passcode: 3Bc6TJ
    Chess Club Steve Hirsch Hiue Tran   Thursday 11:15-12:00 Weekly https://us02web.zoom.us/j/83446653459?pwd=OVJsazFHN0ZVUGtYZU5DN3l0Q2dUQT09    
    Chinese Club Chen, Lisa Joyce, Keenan   Wednesday 12:30-1:00 Weekly    
    Debate Club Hirsch, Steve Miner, Andrew   Monday 11:15-12:00 Weekly https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88247221190?pwd=Y0RHdTNLdzRYQktjUGJBZ2ZUdzk1Zz09    
    DECA Berry, Jennifer Gardiner, Matthew Miner, Andrew Tuesday 11:15-12:00 Every other week https://us02web.zoom.us/my/berryjennifer    
    DND club (Dungeons & Dragons) arnold, alicia bippert-sorensen, wesley   Friday 3:00pm-4:00pm Weekly https://zoom.us/j/96739622403?pwd=ZHg1NzhJdkpxZlVGZTZaOSt6cVZxZz09    
    Do It Together Crafts Moser, Sharon Alex Fish   Monday 11:15-12:00 Weekly https://us02web.zoom.us/j/554989504    
    Environmental Club Tellefson, Stacia Hambidge, Nataisia   Tuesday 11:15-12:00 Weekly https://us02web.zoom.us/j/86254645471?pwd=OVQ3NXo3SXY4azN1RjdpTm9meWwzdz09 Virtual open practices are Tuesdays and Thursdays email Mrs. Cobb or the Flag Instagram account for the password  
    First Empowered Ladies Clark, Lacy
    Tesfamicael, Lwam
      Thursday 11:15-12:00 Weekly    
    Flag Team Linda Cobb none at this time   Tuesday / Thursday Before School Weekly https://us02web.zoom.us/j/92448079360?pwd=NXl6V1ZOQVV5ODJsV1NUWUUvY01nQT09    
    Girls Who Code Allen, Eric Jazmin Austria-Ball   Friday 11:15-12:00 Every other week https://zoom.us/my/eric.allen    
    GSA (Gender & Sexuality Alliance) Caruso, Marcy Natalie Callen   Tuesday 3:30-4:30 pm Weekly https://us02web.zoom.us/my/marcella.caruso    
    Highland Dancers Elwell, Kathy Nia (Antonia) Buell Flora Cummings Thursday 3:15 pm Weekly https://zoom.us/j/2496958534    
    Interact Club Hulbert, Siri George, Lacy Fisher, Annika Thursday 11:15-12:00 Weekly https://zoom.us/my/siri.hulbert    
    Key Club Whitling, Josh Gearhart, Skye   Friday 11:15-12:00 Weekly https://zoom.us/my/joshua.whitling    
    Lacrosse Club Elwell, Kathy Otto Begus   Tuesday 11:15-12:00 Weekly https://zoom.us/j/2496958534    
    Latino Club Chavez-Sotnik, Daniel and Martinez, Gabe Alexa Aguilar   Tuesday 11:15-12:00 Weekly https://us02web.zoom.us/my/chavezsotnik    
    Model United Nations Peterson, Joe Rudberg, Megan Iyoab, Fal Tuesday 11:15-12:00 Weekly https://us02web.zoom.us/my/joe.peterson2
    last meeting is 5/4/2021
    Muslim Student Association Grieve, Braddock Souikni Zakaria   Monday 3:00-4:00 pm Weekly https://zoom.us/j/97721892971?pwd=WWE3Y3FyS1JZTjBFcUcvY2RBa0Fxdz09    
    Natural Hair Club Bonner, Susan Habtai,Kisanet   Tuesday 3:10pm Weekly https://us02web.zoom.us/my/susan.bonner    
    Newspaper (Highland Piper) VAN DEN BOSCH, CRAIG BROWN, AUDREY ROBERSON, SUSAN Friday 11:20-11:40 Weekly https://zoom.us/my/craig.vandenbosch    
    Red Cross Club Powell, Ian Lydia Tewolde Connor Zempel Monday 11:15-12:00 Bi-Weekly    
    SC Sunrise Hub Hinman, Claire Tancreti, Isabella   Friday 11:15-12:00 Weekly https://us02web.zoom.us/my/claire.j.hinman    
    Science Club Grieve, Brady Muhammad, Aliyan Walker, Bridget Friday 11:15-12:00 Weekly https://zoom.us/my/brady.grieve    
    Shorecrest PERIOD Arnold, Alicia O'Neill, Megan   Tuesday 11:15-12:00 Weekly    
    Tattoo (literary arts magazine) Haines, Kelli Rudberg, Megan   Monday 11:15-12:00 Weekly https://zoom.us/my/kelli.haines    
    Team Fearless Elwell, Kathy Jackson Dowdney   Friday 11:15-12:00 Weekly https://zoom.us/j/2496958534    
    Technology Student Association (TSA) Potter, Kari and Slack, Emily Andrew Edwards Liam Prestia Tuesday 11:15-11:45 Weekly https://us02web.zoom.us/s/88025812808    
    TSA Vex Robotics Potter, Kari and Slack, Emily Andrew Edwards   Monday 3:30-4:00 Weekly https://us02web.zoom.us/j/88561492824    
    Women in STEM Club Steward, Nicole Blanchard, Brianna   Thursday 11:15-12:00 Weekly https://us02web.zoom.us/my/nicole.steward    
    YWIB Club (Young Women in Biology) Svrcek, David Viswanathan, Asha Kuchandy, Emma Wednesday 12:45-1:20 Every other week  







    Student Leader


    Ambassadors Ambassadors Elwell Amanda Lee, Grace Perin, Will Larsen, Olivia Baetz 228 Weds lunch (leads)
    Annual   van den Bosch Fal Iyoab class
    APICC (Asian Pacific Islander Culture Club)   Fresco TBD Tues 245
    Art Club   King Ayana Muwwakkil Weds Lunch T113
    ASB ASB Website Phillips Lily Nyhof Weds Lunch 139
    AVID   Breed    
    Badminton Club   Pratt Amanda Lane Mon Lunch G106
    Baking Club   Saskor Alea Gates Tues lunch, 120
    Band   Caruso, V. Peter Park T121
    Bible Study Club   Busby Nadia Martynenko Wednesdays at lunch, M250
    Book Club   Olsen Ella Fredericks Tues, Lunch 341
    Bowling Team   Cook John Malone Tues/Thurs after school, Spin Alley during season
    Broadway Club/ Hamilton Club Advisor Wesite Powell Dustin Wagner Tues Lunch 248
    BSU - Black Student Union   Tellefson & Lewis Becky Semere, Christina Kassa, Mehlat Seleshi, Saron Hailemariam, Haben Hailesalassie Thurs Lunch, 327
    Ceramics Club   van den Bosch Sylvie Wang Mon Lunch & Tues After School T110
    Chansons   Rozema, L.   M-F 7:00-7:45 AM, T130
    Cheer Cheer Bower, Marissa Angelina Michalsky  
    Chess Club   Hirsch, S. Canyon Wright T&Th, Lunch, 169
    Contortion Club   Hinson Adam Safadi Fri lunch, Fitness Room
    Culinary Arts   Johnston    
    Cumbia Bands Practice & Training   Drew Eugenio Baltazar Atoyama Jr. Thurs Lunch 250
    Debate Club   Hirsch, S.   Weds lunch 207
    DECA   Wray Tyler Keen Tues Lunch M193
    DIY Club   Moser Susan Roberson Tues Lunch M227
    Drama Drama Kidd Kate Waltz Fri, Lunch, Black Box
    Dungeons & Dragons Club   Holguin Dawson Browne, Logan Rew, Frederic Lussier Fri lunch 324
    Environmental Club   Tellefson Grace Perrin Weds lunch M327
    Feminism Club   Clark Kayla Palmore Mon lunch 344
    Flags Flag Team Cobb Izzy Menning & Olivia Muilenberg 6:45-7:30am, M-F, main gym
    French Club   Storck Alpha Bangoura Thurs lunch M229
    Gamers Playing Retro Games   Chavez Brandon Reyes Tues after school, 304
    Girls Who Code   Allen Jazmin Austria-Ball, Brandi Kaserzyk, Laila Rabaa 305
    GSA GSA website Caruso, M. Jasper Hinds Tues lunch, 348
    Highland Dancers Highland Dance Website Elwell Flora Cummings, Antonia Buelle Tues after school 245
    Highland Piper (newspaper)   van den Bosch Audrey Brown Tues lunch, 187
    Hiking Club   Raman Sam Singleton Tues lunch 313
    Hip Hop Hip Hop Rex Kinney & Kim Ava Flum, Maelea Willis (Captains) & Neve Line, Ellie Sidler (Officers)  
    History Club   Growden Maya Roark Mon lunch 350
    Improv Club   Svrcek   Mon Lunch 311
    Interact Interact Hulbert Cheyenne Axe Thurs lunch 232
    Japanese Club   Espil Simone Rogers Fri Lunch M230
    Jewish Student Union   Friedman Rina Isaac Weds lunch, location TBD
    Justices ASB Website Phillips Rumana Ali & Dahlia McAllister  
    Key Club Key Club Whitling Skye Gearhart Fri lunch M341
    Lacrosse Club Lacrosse Website Elwell Will Larsen every other Tues, Lunch, 228
    Latino Club   Martinez & Chavez Lois Gomez Fri. Lunch 303
    Link Crew   Storck & Powell   229 as needed
    Math Team   Martinez Fletcher Broadhead & Parker Bixby Thurs Lunch 303
    Model United Nations   Peterson Megan Rudberg Tues Lunch 351
    Muslim Student Association   Grieve Zakaria Souikni, Fae Isshaq, Amira Souikni Mon lunch 337
    National Honor Society National Honor Society Hulbert   As needed
    Natural Hair Magic   Bonner Danait Kidane Weds, Lunch,
    Natural Helpers   Clark & M. Caruso Clara Blue Thurs Lunch 348
    PALS   Busby Amanda Lane Tues lunch 250
    PFAT/ Gainz Club (physical fitness club)   Espil Wyatt Patneaude, Elyjah Schultz Wed lunch 230
    Philsophy Club   Colbert tyler Than Thurs lunch
    Pipers   Auld    
    Psychology Club   Cobb   Tues Lunch 207
    Race & Equity Club   Fresco & Arnold Lila Milham Weds lunch 245
    Science Club Science Club Grieve Henry Tan Fridays Lunch M337
    SCNN Archived SCNN Videos Mitchell, T. David Kaiser HH & after school, 191
    Shorecrest Classical Liberals   Walters Tyner Gibson Thurs Lunch 346
    Sign Language Club   Walters Jannah McDaniel Weds Lunch 346
    Site Council Site Council Gonzalez Ally Batra & Xavier Ljubicich second Tuesday, 5:15,TBD
    Smash Club   Espil RJ Calderon Tues Lunch 230
    Spanish Club   Hulbert Trentyn Good & Benjamin Tues lunch 232
    Step Team   Lewis & Arnold Mikayla Weary TBD
    Student Council ASB Website Phillips Satchel McKee HH monthly, Theater
    Table Top Dungeon Club   Hirsch Ollie Moffat Fri Lunch 213
    Tattoo Tattoo Marshall Aiko Beauchamp & Rumana Ali Mon Lunch 249
    Team Fearless   Elwell Mabel Gibbons & Cheyene Axe Fri Lunch 228
    The Club   Ms. Marshall Satchel McKee Fri Lunch, 249
    TSA (Technology Student Association) TSA Website Potter & Slack Liam Prestia Thurs Lunch, 180
    VR (Virtual Reality) Club   van den Bosch Lucas Nickonov Thurs Lunch & Fri after school T110
    Water Polo Club   Mira Ho   During Spring Season for practice
    Wellness Club   Powell Isaiah Lenoue & Myles Parent Thurs Lunch 248
    YSN: Young & Successful Navigators   Storck Evan Eseyas Tues Lunch 229
    Youth Court Youth Court Jordan, B. Olivia Muilenburg