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    Football Lettering Criteria


    Varsity lettering criteria is a point system based around the programs philosophy:

    Our Goal is to WIN but our Focus is on the HOW.


    We believe:

    Winning is doing something better than we have ever done it before.


    • We focus on the HOW by understanding and controlling our Mindset on and off the field. Mindset is geared around; team first, one play at a time, positive self-talk, you vs. yesterday and own the solution. Our mindset is the foundation of the program.
    • Brotherhood is the middle of our philosophy.

    Brotherhood is based around accountability, trust, faith, respect, and encouragement. When we play for each other we will WIN.



    • On and off-field Performance is the top layer because the right mindset and a brotherhood will lead us to increased performance. Aspects of performance are relentless effort, technique, and knowledge.



    With a common mindset and belief in self and one another, we will WIN!


    In order to earn a Varsity Letter for Shorewood Football, an individual will need to earn 18 points. At the end of the season, the player and coach will fill out the following score sheet and meet to discuss the results.

    ***Must finish the season in good standing***


    _______1 point for each Varsity game suited up in

    _______2 points for attending all out of season team bonding events

    _______1 point for every varsity game played in. (Participation in at least 2 quarters)

    ______1 point for returning all equipment within one week after last game

    _______3 points for 90% attendance in out of season workouts (participation in SW athletics)

    (1 point deduction from total for     everyday equipment is late)

    _______ 4 points for perfect practice attendance. 2 points for no late or unexcused practices

    _______1 point for making the roster for state playoff game

    _______5 points relentless effort in School (great behavior, 0 missing assignments, citizenship, etc…)

    _______1 point for 40 community service hours

    _______1 point for participation in team fundraisers

    ________ Total points


    Letter earned:   Yes or No


    Letter(s) already earned in Football at Shorewood:_______