• Below is a list of Shorewood's amazing clubs. Clubs meet in advisor classrooms unless otherwise noted in "Meeting Times" column. Contact advisors with questions!

    SHOREWOOD Clubs/Student Interest Groups 2022-23 


    Organization Description Advisor / Room # Meeting Times

    Amnesty International

    Raising awareness about human rights in the US & around the world

    Sukol #2506

    2nd & 4th Wednesday of the month at Lunch

    Art Attack

    Share and work on artwork including some holiday activities

    Chase #1404

    Contact advisor


    Elected officers (in the spring) representing the student voice

    Harestad #1603

    Class: Period 2

    Auto Tech +

    Learn basics on how to work on automobiles

    Proudlove #1040A

    Contact advisor

    AVID Club

    Supporting students in the AVID program

    Ryan #3410

    1st & 3rd Tuesdays of the month at Lunch

    Badminton Club (Pending Student Council Approval)

    To have fun playing badminton, and some competition


    Torrey #1617

    Every Thursday at Lunch in the gym

    Black Student Union (BSU)

    Promoting racial awareness and pride 

    LeTourneau #2205

    Every other Tuesday at Lunch, in Blackbox

    Book Club

    Build a community through shared reading

    Workman (Lib)

    Every Wednesday at Lunch, in Library

    Chess Club

    Play Chess!

    Vaszquez (Lib)

    Every Tuesday at Lunch, Library

    Bullet Journaling

    A fun, safe place to learn, practice or continue to bullet journal

    Mann #2406

    Every Friday at Lunch

    Creating Change Club (formerly SERVE)

    Focused on supporting lives of those w/ mental disabilities & physical illness

    Ceesay #2301

    Every Tuesday at Lunch

    Culinary Arts*

    A hands on course to introduce students to the restaurant industry

    Jordan #1110

    Class: Period 3

    D & D

    To discuss, partake in, and enjoy Dungeons and Dragons in a safe and welcoming environment.

    Aswege #3101

    Every Tuesday & Friday at Lunch


    Learn skills and techniques for debating


    Every Monday at Lunch


    Student marketing association for real-life marketing in the classroom


    Class: Periods 3, 5, 6 & SAS

    Filipino American Student Association (FASA)

    The Filipino American Student Association is a place for young Filipinos to connect with others who share their culture, experiences, and appearance. Our mission is to help Filipino Americans to feel confident and accepted in their identity. We focus on making a welcoming community for everyone


    Marapao #2109

    Every Tuesday at Lunch

    Film Club

    A community for students for thoughtful discussions about film.  

    Vazquez/ Workman (Lib)

    Every Tuesday at Lunch

    Fishing Club

    The intended function is to teach students how to fish, how to fish safely, and how to be considerate to the environment when fishing. It will improve the culture because we teach students how to be respectful to nature, and it should translate to school life in turn.


    Vazquez (Lib)

    Every Friday at Lunch

    Gay/Straight Alliance (GSA)

    Works to make SW a safe/inclusive place for all students regardless of sexuality/gender expression.  

    Johnsen #3110

    Every Friday at Lunch

    Gender Equity

    Supporting equity for all students

    Lachman #1407

    Every other Wednesday during SAS (alternates with SURF)

    HAFS (Help Animals Feel Safe)

    We want to raise awareness for adopting animals from local shelters!

    Stoker #3305

    Every other Friday at Lunch

    HOSA (Health Occupation Students of America)

    Introduce students to the variety of health care careers

    Wilks #2405

    Every Friday at Lunch

    HOPE (Helping Our Planet Earth)

    Help Our Planet Earth - recycling and composting during lunch

    Bakowski #2409

    Every other Friday at Lunch

    Horizons* (Yearbook)

    Class that produces the annual yearbook that is distributed in June.

    Moquin #2206/2306

    Class: Period 4

    Interact (Community Service)

    Service organization club for students interested in volunteering

    Murray #2507

    Every other Thursday at Lunch

    Investment Club

    Helping students learn about money management and growth opportunities.

    Sukol #2506

    Every Monday at Lunch

    Japanese Culture Club

    Japanese cultural activities to enhance learning. 

    Thompson #2305

    Every Friday at Lunch

    Japanese National Honor Society

    Recognize student academic achievement in Japanese language study

    Thompson #2305

    Every other Thursday at Lunch

    Tempest* (Newspaper)

    Class that produces the monthly student newspaper.

    Gade #2303

    Class: Period 3

    Korean Culture Club

    Celebrate and learn about Korean Culture

    Lee #2110

    Every Monday at Lunch

    LatinX Student Union

    Promoting racial and cultural awareness and pride

    Martinez #2209

    Every other Friday at Lunch

    Life Savers  (Suicide Prevention)

    Lifesavers is a peer to peer suicide prevention education program

    Wren / Langon #1113

    Every Wednesday at Lunch

    Link Crew

    Transition program to welcome freshmen the first year in high school

    Fernandez #2108

    Varies - Contact advisor

    SIREN (Literary Magazine)

    Music, AV, Creative Expression, Art and Writing - open to all

    Knox #1509

    Thursdays during  Period 1, Fridays during SAS

    March For Our Lives (MFOL)

    MFOL Mission Statement: Born out of a tragic school shooting, March For Our Lives is a courageous youth-led movement dedicated to promoting civic engagement, education, and direct action by youth to eliminate the epidemic of gun violence. We aim to create safe and healthy communities and livelihoods where gun violence is obsolete.


    Christensen #3504

    Every Tuesday at Lunch

    Math Team

    Practices math weekly & attends math competitions throughout the year.

    Eklund #2106

    Every Friday at Lunch

    My School Votes

    Non-partisan club to support and encourage voter registration and turnout.

    Chertock #1113

    Every other Monday at Lunch

    National Honor Society

    Application & selection process, 3.5 GPA, good citizenship, & service hours required

    Workman (Lib)

    Once per Quarter, dates on Canvas page

    Neuroscience Club 

    Facilitate and encourage student interest in the nervous system and brain. 

    Wilks #2405

    2nd Tuesday of each month at Lunch

    PALS (Peer Assisted Learning & Support)

    Promotes socialization & learning between students with and without disabilities

    Han #1306

    Every Friday at Lunch

    Philosophy Club

    To study our world through a philosophical lens, to encourage critical thinking and thinking for the sake of it rather than solving problems


    Stearns #1508 

    Every Thursday at Lunch

    Physics Club 

    Engage student interest in Physics and participate in National Physics Exams.

    Bagley #3409

    Contact advisor

    Psychology Club

    Learn about how people think, act, and behave.

    Messner #1504

    Every Monday at Lunch

    Robotics Club (Team Pronto)

    After school club, build robotics and compete in the spring

    Proudlove #1040A

    Contact advisor

    Salt and Light +

    Lunchtime Christian club providing fellowship and discussion opportunities 

    Owen #3107

    Every Wednesday at Lunch

    Science Olympiad

    Project based science club for competitions and community outreach.

    Horne #2209

    Every Monday at Lunch

    SHAPE (SW HIV/AIDS Peer Education)

    HIV/AIDS Peer Education, present information to classes

    Wilks #2409

    Every Thursday at Lunch

    SPARKS  (Girls Who Code)

    Learn how to code computers - open to all students

    Fleischman #2105

    Every Tuesday at Lunch

    Spicy Shirt Club

    Provide students opportunities to have fun and engage in healthy, supervised, active activities.


    Knox #1509

    Every Thursday at Lunch

    STEP Team

    Performance stepping team (part of BSU)

    Workman (Lib)

    Tuesdays & Thursdays after school in the Commons

    Stormray Pictures

    This is a great club for students who like to express their creativity and ideas through filmmaking.


    Ballew #2204

    Every Friday at Lunch

    Tea Club

    To research different kinds of tea and to get others more involved in the culture of tea ceremonies   


    Thompson #2305

    Every Monday at Lunch

    Technology Student Association

    The Technology Student Association enhances personal development, leadership, and career opportunities in STEM, whereby members apply and integrate these concepts through intracurricular activities, competitions, and related programs. TSA would be an amazing opportunity for students to develop their own passions in STEM and develop leadership skills.


    Nouwens #3105

    Every Tuesday at Lunch


    Provide students with opportunities to develop skills in all aspects of Theatre Arts 

    Pottinger #2504

    First Wednesday of every month at Lunch

    Tri-M Music Honor Society

    Music education and advocacy through music based service projects

    Helseth #1020

    2nd & 4th Tuesday of every month at Lunch

    Video Production Club (SEATV)

    After school club that creates video bulletins for The NEST


    During SAS, Lunch & after school on various pre-determined days (Contact advisor)

    Water Polo +

    Water polo - boys are in the fall, girls are in the spring



    World Night

    Annual event to celebrate diversity of SW students-will start meeting in December




    *Connected to a course     


    + Student Interest Group, not ASB sponsored


    Class of 2023

    Class Senators - voted in the spring

    Murray and Silver


    Class of 2024

    Class Senators - voted in the spring



    Class of 2025

    Class Senators - voted in the spring



    Class of 2026

    Class Senators - voted in the spring

    Ryan and Burrows




    Band (Baker), Orchestra (Helseth), Choir (Clobes)

     Class Requirement






    Performance Dance Teams:





    Auditions in spring - full year commitment performance group




    Auditions in spring - full year commitment performance group




    Auditions in spring - full year commitment performance group



    Hip Hop

    Auditions in spring - full year commitment performance group











    Cross Country - Villanueva and Reese

    Basketball - Mens - Edwards

    Baseball - Tonkin


    Football - Petschl

    Basketball - Womens - Haner

    Fastpitch - Jensen


    Soccer - Womens - Faires

    Gymnastics - TBD

    Golf - Mens - Hershey


    Swim/Dive - Womens - McDowell

    Swim/Dive - Mens - Hunter

    Golf - Womens - Patrick


    Tennis - Mens - Moreno

    Wrestling - D. Norton

    Soccer - Mens - Warner


    Volleyball - Hunter


    Tennis - Womens - Moreno




    Track & Field - Villanueva & Haner