Shorecrest Science Safety Policy

  • The safety contract below contains the standard safety rules that all Shorecrest science students are required to follow. Every student will be required to sign a contract and turn it in to their science teacher. In addition, there may be course or experiment specific items that will be required by teachers. For more information, contact a science teacher.


    Shorecrest Science Department Safety Policy & Contract

    To insure that a safe and healthful learning environment is maintained when participating in Shorecrest science classes, read and follow the guidelines listed below.  In most cases your teacher will have special instructions before each lab that will include additional safety considerations.  This contract must be signed and returned to your teacher before you can participate in lab.

    1.  Always follow the directions given by your teacher for doing a lab experiment.  Only procedures and materials approved by your teacher may be used.  Additionally, prepare for each lab by making sure you understand the instructions and safety considerations.  Ask your teacher if you do not understand something.

    2.  You must wear safety goggles from the time you enter the lab until you leave the lab whenever heat, chemical and/or glass is in use.  On some occasions your teacher will require the additional use of aprons and/or gloves.  Prescription glasses and sunglasses do not count as safety glasses unless they include side guards.

    3.  Do not wear contact lenses in the lab, as there is a distinct possibility that chemical vapors can infuse into and under the lens and cause eye damage.

    4.  Carry out your experiment with care and caution.  Be aware of your surroundings so as not to bump into or point things at others.  Do not leave experiments unattended.  Keep your attention focused on your work, not on others.  Take notice of where the safety equipment, like the eyewash, is located. 

    5.  It is important that clothing not have excess loose material that could catch in a flame.  Wear clothing that affords you the most protection from spills (for example, open toe shoes are not protective).  Do not wear your outer coat.  Many chemicals will stain clothing.  Tie long hair back.  Metal rings can sometimes react with chemicals.  Leave all personal belongings not related to the lab in your locker or at home

    6.  No food or beverages are permitted in science classes at any time.

    7.  Use care in handling chemicals.  Try not to spill and if you do, clean up immediately.  Do not allow chemicals to contaminate each other by mixing lids or scoops.  Read and heed the warning labels. Discard chemicals as directed by your teacher.  Treat all equipment with respect and care.

    8.  Never taste chemicals.  Never touch chemicals with your hands.  Do not remove chemicals or equipment from the lab at any time.

    9.  Use caution in working with Bunsen burners.  Light them only when and as directed by your teacher and check to see that there are no flammable materials near the burner before lighting (including you).  Be sure to turn off the gas valve when not using the burner or if you need to leave it unattended.  Take care not to accumulate flammable materials at your workstation.

    10. Keep work areas clean.  Always put equipment back where it belongs and clean up your lab station and sink.  Do not leave dirty equipment in the sink.  Wash your hands thoroughly before leaving the lab.

    11. Report any accident, no matter how minor, to your teacher immediately.

    12. You are not permitted to work in the laboratory without a teacher being physically there.  The back rooms and teacher areas are off limits to all students unless accompanied by a teacher.

    If you do not follow the procedures listed you will be removed from the lab for the remainder of the period and lose credit for that days work.  More severe action will be taken for repeated or serious safety violations. In deliberately ignoring these safety rules you (and your parent or guardian accept the liability for any injury, damage or accident that may occur as a result of your negligence.


    This web copy has the signature section omitted. Paper copies are available by request, and will be given to every science student for signature.