• Did you miss the College and Career Planning Night on May 5th?  

    Listen to the recording here

    Need Fee Assistance?

    Students needing fee assistance for SC classes, athletic fees, or partial ASB card assistance should contact their counselor to make arrangements after school begins. Fee assistance for the Chromebook insurance can be arranged at the time of Chromebook pick up.

    Forefront Suicide Prevention

    Shorecrest and Shorewood are in year three of our partnership with Forefront Suicide Prevention through UW.

    Here is a link to their website for your information.

    Students - Feeling Stressed?

    Check out our links on the links page, Coping in Hard Times and Coping Skills. These are some great websites for you to browse when you have a few minutes.

    Student Wellness

    Shorecrest’s counselors support students in many dimensions of life. Please keep in mind that we appreciate knowing when your student may be having challenges outside of school with friends, family or other circumstances. Don’t hesitate to give us a call or send a note along. Your student’s counselor wants to provide direct support to your student, but can also act as a liaison between home and school as needed. The counseling office phone number is 393-4296, or you can click this link for info about reaching your student’s counselor directly.

    Appointments with Students and Parents

    In addition, the counselors welcome appointments with students and parents early on in high school.  We are glad to get to know you, begin to learn about your ideas for your future, and assist in your current academics.

    Post High School Planning and Your Student

    The SC counselors and the College and Career Readiness Coordinator facilitate a number of activities throughout your student’s high school experience with an eye to planning for the future.

    School-Wide Experiences

    9th grade: Naviance activities to promote exploration of personality and interests.  Across classes, guidance around organization and use of TAP.

    10th grade: Naviance activities to begin career and career pathway exploration.        

    11th grade: Naviance activities to explore colleges, majors and post-secondary options. All junior students meet individually in the spring with their counselor to plan. 

    12th grade: All students meet individually with their counselor in September and October. All seniors utilize Naviance for post-HS planning, identification of schools and submission of applications. Senior Culminating Project requires students to finalize post-high school applications and guides financial next-steps. Students schedule individual interviews with counselors for letters of recommendation required by private colleges.

    Annual Events

    Autumn (Seniors) - College Personal Statement Panel Discussion

    Autumn (Seniors) - Personal Statement Feedback events

    Autumn (Seniors) - College Application Overview evening presentation (linked to open house)

    October (Sophomores & Juniors) - PSAT

    Near Thanksgiving (All Grades) - Financial Aid Night

    March (All Grades) - Community and Technical College Fair

    April (All Grades) - College Planning Night

    (Seniors) - College Goal Washington: Assistance with the FAFSA

    (All Grades) - Running Start informational meetings and guidance

    (All Grades) - Field trips to see area community colleges and to explore career opportunities


    The Counseling Office, and Career and College Readiness Center have webpages much like teachers. These sites include links to other valuable resources, slide shows of presentations and forms you may need in your planning.

    College Planning

    Tips from current seniors and parents:

    1. Use a big paper calendar to capture and track all college related dates - application deadlines, personal statement help events at school, Financial Aid night, FAFSA help events, financial aid deadlines, etc.
    2. Set a regular weekly meeting time to talk about college applications, financial aid, etc.
    3. Begin an activity and experience folder early in high school.  Put records and notes of what you have done in the file, and then enter it all into a spreadsheet for reference in the senior year.
    4. Make a calendar NOW of the scholarships you will want to apply for in your senior year.  See the scholarship listings in Naviance to make this list.
    5. Be sure to take your SAT or ACT tests in the spring of your junior year.
    6. Be sure to ask teachers and counselors EARLY in the fall of your senior year for letters of recommendation as needed (private colleges only) and provide them any materials they request for writing the letter. 

    The College Planning Calendar and links to presentations for three of our presentations (Financial Aid 101, College Application Highlights, and Searching for Scholarships) can be found on this Counseling web page. Use the "Documents" link on the left.