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           A "Gap Year" is a period of time when students take a break from formal education to travel, volunteer, study, intern or work.  Gap Years are a good fit for students who are looking for some life experience before returning to formal education.  A Gap Year experience can last for several weeks, a semester or up to a year or more.  Some students choose to take a Gap Year after graduating high school but before entering college. Some - but not all - colleges allow admitted students to take a one-year deferral from courses during approved Gap Year opportunities.
    Wondering whether a Gap Year might be right for you?

    Interest in Gap Year programs comes at a time when it is getting a lot more attention, obviously, due to COVID. Most of this focus is coming from those in the Class of 2020 but juniors in the Class of 2021 are curious, too. Here are some resources to consider:

    • Verto ( - a hybrid between a gap year, study abroad and four-year college. 
    • Gap Year Association: ( - Not all Gap Year programs are the same, but this is a good place to start to see their framework: prices; locations; expectations and outcomes.
    • Superb blog about Gap Year choices:
    • Check out this program with links to several dozen non-profit organizations will be on hand to describe their programs. Details:
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    Tivnu Building Justice: Adventurous 17- to 20-year-olds are sought for a Jewish Gap Year for Social Justice starting in Portland, Ore. Reach out to learn more about the customized internship options, financial aid and up to $4,000 savings in early registration. Details:; 503.232.1864.
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    United States Gap Year Resources:

    Brown Ledge - <>

    Center for Cultural Exchange - <>

    CITY Term - <>

    City Year -

    Dynamy (for internships) - <>

    Earth Watch - <>
    The Leap -

    National Outdoor Leadership School

    Volunteer for Peace - <>