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  • Welcome Shorecrest Class of 2022 & families ~

    Shorecrest's Counseling and College & Career Center offices are eager to help answer your questions about your post-high school plans - and what you need to graduate. Check out the resources here - or follow any of the helpful pages to the left - to get quick answers to some of your frequently asked questions.
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    Seniors: Have questions about your post-Shorecrest High School and Beyond Plan?
    Join us for
    College Apps Cafe'
    during lunch on Mondays and Tuesdays 
    to get answers from the counseling department. 
    Letters of Recommendation:
    Do you know if your prospective colleges need Letters of Recommendation?
    The answer is in Naviance.
    Reminder: University of Washington; Western Washington University; Washington State University and Central Washington University DO NOT NEED or WANT LORs. Neither do community colleges.
    Check your k12.shorelineschools email regularly to receive updates from Ms. Monson about events and directions for how to make college arrangements via Naviance.
    Personal statement:
    Do you know if your prospective colleges need Personal Statement (aka application essays)?
    The answer is in Naviance.

    Stuck on your college application personal statement? Get help!
    Part I:  Hear college reps discuss the college application personal statement: Oct. 7, Thursday, via Zoom.  Details: College admissions representatives from both public and private colleges will share information and tips about college application personal statements. We will read and discuss several sample personal statements. A parent/guardian is invited to attend with the student!  Currently scheduled college admissions reps include UW, Seattle University and Western Washington University.  Bring you iPad or laptop to view documents; no paper handouts available. 

    Part II: Get free feedback on your college application personal statement: Oct. 21, 3:30-5:30 p.m. Registration Requirement:  Submit a draft of a personal statement to the Counseling office by Monday, Oct. 18. Max: 24 students each session. We cannot accommodate drop-ins.
    Each student who submits a draft will be assigned a one-hour 3:30-4:30 or 4:30-5:30 time slot. Two adult readers (admissions reps, educators, professionals and community members) will provide feedback on your statement in that hour. Readers will be familiar with guidelines for college application personal statements.


    The Free Application for Federal Student Aid and Washington Application for State Financial Aid each open Oct. 1 - and wants your prior year completed tax returns from 2020. Shorecrest is hosting Free FAFSA/WASFA Help Night, Oct. 7 during Four-in-One Night, via Zoom.

    Before you arrive, both the senior and the parent(s) should create  an FSA ID to sign in to FAFSA electronically.  To create a FSA ID, follow this link:

    What is a Direct Transfer program?
    In Washington state, the Direct Transfer Agreement (DTA) associate degree is designed to transfer to most Bachelor of Arts degrees at all four-year colleges and universities in Washington state. The DTA is sometimes called an Associate in Arts or an Associate in Arts and Sciences.

    DTA degrees provide students:

    • Priority consideration in the admissions for most humanities and social science majors public universities ahead of students without a degree.
    • Completion of lower division general education requirements.
    • Credit for all courses completed within the DTA up to and in some cases beyond 90 credits.
    • Opportunity to explore several fields of study through the category of up to 30 credits of elective courses.
    • Opportunity to complete prerequisites for a future major.
    College Application Activities List:
    "The college(s) I am applying to want a list of my activities. How do I prepare these?"

     The Common App only gives you space for 150 characters per entry - so it's important to write tight.

    Here is a link to some helpful tips:

     This one is helpful, too:

    "I'm considering going to community college in Washington state - but I don't understand what "applied science" classes involve." 

    An "applied science" degree prepares students to start a career right after graduation (for example, in automotive technology, nursing or advanced manufacturing). The word "science" does not necessarily mean that the program is related to a field of science like geography or biology.

    What is a "Prof-Tech" certificate?

    In Washington state, professional-technical certificates and degrees train students for specific fields — like nursing, computer science or advanced manufacturing — so they can go straight to work. The degrees do not transfer to four-year universities. (An exception is the Associate in Applied Science-Transfer degree, which transfers only if the university has an agreement with the specific community or technical college.)