• Coaches Responsibilities:

    1. Provide a fun and meaningful learning experience for everyone involved in the program. We want all participants to be a better person after leaving our program.

    2. Always point out Excellence (on & off the field)

    3. Provide positive constructive feedback! Increase Self-Esteem & Confidence

    4. Handle Adversity with a positive attitude. Never waste a crisis.

    5. Bring Energy & Coach every play!

    6. Teach proper fundamentals and technique throughout the whole program to every player.

    7. Come to practice, meetings, games, or events prepared.

    8. Correct other coaches away from players.

    Head Coach:

    Brandon Torrey, 206-393-6133

    Assistant Coaches:

    Andrew Hershey- Defensive Coordinator, Offensive Line, Linebackers

    Eric Solbakken- Offensive Coordinator, Wide Receivers, Academic Coordinator

    Dean Wiley- Running Back and Linebacker

    Anxelos Pere- Head Freshmen Coach

    Kyle Dieckman-  Quarterbacks, Defensive Backs

    Robert Moshier- Wide Receivers, Defensive Backs

    Anxelos Pere- Running Backs, Defensive Backs

    Ed Zeigler Jr.- Offensive Line, Defensive Line

    Michael Haley-Defensive backs, Wide Receivers

    Alex Marshal- Running back and Defensive Backs