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Tools for Quick, Formative Assessment to Check for Student Understanding









    With a Padlet account, you can create an online wall that students visit via a link.  Students can put a “post it” response on the wall for others to read.  Students do not login.  Once they are at the wall, they are free to type.  Here’s an example Padlet.  A couple tips are listed below.

    a)  To avoid the management of overlapping Padlet responses, you can set up your Padlet so that the responses appear in a stream or list format. 

    b) To manage the possibility that students using anonymous names post responses that are not on task or appropriate, you can set Padlet so that you must approve posts before they appear.  While your students are submitting, you can be moderating and approving at the same time.  In addition, you could instruct your students to start their post with their first name, last initial. 

    c) Your padlet wall can be set as private or public.  You control who has access to the wall.

    Google Classroom

    Teachers in grades 3-12 who are using Google Classroom can post a question to their classroom stream.  You’ll have the option of letting students read each other’s responses or have the responses hidden.  As members of your Google Classroom, their name is automatically tied to their response, and so, you won’t have issues with anonymous responses.  


    Plickers is a powerfully simple and free tool that lets teachers collect real-time formative assessment data without the need for student devices. All it takes to use Plickers is paper and a phone or ipad.  It’s a great alternative to using clickers. Plickers will score and organize your student responses into a downloadable spreadsheet.  Visit to get started.