Annual Report to the Community

  • On behalf of Shoreline Public Schools, I want to welcome you to our Annual Report to the Community. Whether a student, family member, employee or community member, you are an important part of our schools and their success.

    The report linked below will provide you with valuable highlights, information and data about our finances, academic progress and priorities for continued growth.

    We are very pleased with the progress our schools have made in guiding the District closer to our vision of a bright future for all students. We remain mindful that there is always more work to do to reach that goal and have a clear focus on continual improvement in the ever-changing landscape of public education. 

    Our District is fortunate to have exceptional teachers, outstanding administrators and excellent support staff who are helping students reach their full potential every day.

    I would like to thank our entire community for their support. It takes a caring and committed community to foster and support the high-quality educational environment we are fortunate to have in Shoreline Public Schools. Together, we are providing students with the knowledge and resources they will need to carry them into the future.

    Please take a few minutes to review this report and see how our schools and community are providing our students with a rich and well-rounded learning experience. If you have any questions about this report or our schools, please do not hesitate to contact me at


    Rebecca Miner

    2019 Annual Report