Shoreline Public Schools Instructional Strategic Plan

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    Provide a collaborative learning community that engages all students in learning the academic and work-life skills needed to achieve their individual potential and become responsible citizens.


    Shoreline School District will support all learners in becoming:

    • Persistent
    • Effective Communicators
    • Growth Oriented
    • Critical Thinkers
    • Empathetic
    • Creative
    • Global Citizens
    • Knowledgeable
    • Collaborative


    • All students can achieve
      • All students can grow to reach their academic and personal excellence.
    • Equitable access to rigorous learning is essential
      • All students will be provided with equitable instruction, access to innovative programs, and necessary support for success.
    • Diversity makes our community stronger
      • We view diversity as an asset. Fostering an environment of dignity and respect, all individuals, opinions, and contributions are valued.
    • Curiosity sparks creativity and innovation
      • Students will be encouraged to generate questions, explore topics of interest, and engage in inquiry to develop new ideas and novel ways of thinking.
    • Respect, empathy, and collaboration are at the core of community
      • Students will broaden their perspectives by seeking to understand the perspectives and experiences of others to enable them to work collaboratively. Students will understand their role and responsibilities in our local and global community.


    We will design and implement systems of learning that honor individual student goals and dreams, while building college and career readiness in an environment that supports social, emotional, and physical well-being.

    1. Support a culture of ongoing learning and growth.
    2. Embrace equity and diversity.
    3. Know our students and meet their social, emotional, and academic needs.
    4. Foster students' ability to develop academic, life, and career skills.
    5. Teach in ways that are relevant, engaging, innovative, student-driven, and rigorous.

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