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    1) Video explaining how to login to KCLS Online

    2) Here's what you need to know about your KCLS Online Resources student account:

    a. Your account number is 412 followed by your school district student ID number.  Example: 4120987654

    b. Your password is the last four digits of your student ID number.   Example: 7654

    c. You'll be using databases, eBooks, and audiobooks that don't need to be physically turned in, and so, you will never have fines or fees on your student library account.

    d. When you use your KCLS account at school, your teacher will monitor the resources that are using.  At-home use and monitoring of your KCLS account is your parent's responsibility.  Learn more here.

    e. Start at http://kcls.org/students

    Then, click "Elementary School Students" 

    Then, click "Overdrive eBooks..." or other resources you want to use.

    f. Do not click the black login button on the KCLS webpage.  It won't work for you.  You will login to each resource when you click on it.  

    g.  If you have trouble logging in, it might be because your family has "opted out" on the district FERPA form for either "Directory Information for Educational Institutions and Organizations" or "Contact for All Purposes."  Visit the LFP front office to make changes to the FERPA form.   


    Shoreline School District's Online Resources for Students

    Our school district also offers online resources for students and families.  Click here to get started