• Use Your Shoreline School District ID Number to Check Out KCLS eBooks and Electronic Resources


    Students and staff, follow the steps below to find eBooks, audiobooks, databases, Britannica Encyclopedia and so much more available through the King County Library System.  


    1) Visit the KCLS A-Z Resources page. (Link provided below.  Please read the directions first).

    2) Once there, scroll down the page to find the resource you'd like to use and click on it.  

    Examples of resources you'll find. 

    • Culturegrams
    • Brittanica Encyclopedia
    • Overdrive eBooks and audiobooks for kids

    3) You'll be asked to login.  The picture below shows you what to type in for the barcode and password.  



    Here's an example



    4) Ready to go?  Click the link below to go to the KCLS A-Z Resources page.  




    Staff, use the login info below for personal access to KCLS resources.

    Username = 412 followed by t and then your staff id number. Example: 412t564789

    Password = The last four numbers in your staff id number. Example: 4789

    Note: you can find your staff id number in Employee access