• Testing

    Please see the pages on each test (hyperlinked below) for detailed information about test content and resources. 


    College Admissions Tests for 4-year Colleges

    PSAT  All Shorewood Sophomores are automatically signed up. Also recommended for Juniors who intend to apply to 4-year colleges. Juniors must register at the Shorewood Business Office in the Fall. 

    SAT  Offered by the College Board seven times a school year. Shorewood is usually a test site. Register through the CollegeBoard.org. Four year colleges will accept either the SAT or ACT and do not express a preference. 

    ACT  Offered by ACT seven times a school year. Shorewood is usually a test site. Register through ACT.org. Four year colleges will accept either the SAT or ACT and do not express a preference.

    SAT Subject Tests   Discontinued as of 1.19.2021. See the news release from the College Board. 


    Test-Optional or Test-Flexible Schools

    See FairTest.org to view a searchable list of 1600+ colleges that do not require SAT or ACT scores. Before the 2020-2021 pandemic, only a few four-year colleges in Washington State were test-optional or test-flexible. As of fall 2020, all four-year schools in the Northwest are test optional and we expect many of the colleges to continue that policy post-pandemic. 


    Military Test

    The Armed Services Vocational Aptitude Battery, or ASVAB, is used by all branches of the United States Military. Potential recruits take the test--either on a computer or on paper-- at a local office. For details about the test, see the Official ASVAB Fact Sheet

    The ASVAB is a  is a multiple-aptitude battery that measures developed abilities and helps predict future academic and occupational success in the military. It is administered annually to more than one million military applicants, high school, and post-secondary students.

    The ASVAB measures aptitudes in four domains: Verbal; Math; Science and Technical; Spatial. See ASVAB Subtests for details on the test structure and Preparing for the ASVAB for ways to prepare for the test and advice about test-taking strategy. 


    Community College Placement Tests

    Colleges like Shoreline Community College have placement tests rather than admissions tests. The scores are used to figure out which level of course you should take.

    Shoreline Community College has several options for placement. See SCC's Placement and Prerequisites page for full details. Students may be able to use the following for placement purposes.

    ACT and/ or SAT for English or Math

    Aleks, which can be taken at SCC

    AP (Advanced Placement), which may be used to fulfil prerequisites or as college credit toward a degree.

    High School Transcript for Shoreline School District and Edmonds School District students.

    Smarter Balanced Assessment in Reading and/ or Math


    Edmonds Community College generally uses the Accuplacer test, though some Alternative Assessments are also accepted. See EDCC Placement Testing and EDCC Alternative Assessments



  • Screen shot from Perspectives on Testing  View Perspectives on Testing June 2020 to learn about testing trends and how to use test scores to your advantage. 


    screen shot from Role of Test Scores in College Admissions  Watch the recording of The Role of Test Scores in College Admissions with UW Seattle Admissions Counselor KaeBee Burns and Oregon State Regional Admissions Advisor Jarrod Larse for an understanding of what Test Optional really means and for many application tips.