High School & Beyond Plan General Information

  • Washington State's High School & Beyond Plan is a graduation requirement that supports students in exploring their interests, planning high school coursework that is aligned to those interests, keeping track of major assessment scores, and logging work and other relevant experience. The HSBP encourages students to focus on three guiding questions: 

    • Who am I? 
    • What can I become? 
    • How do I become that? 

    In practical terms, the High School & Beyond Plan (HSBP) has various elements each school year. Some will be completed with the guidance of the College & Career Center either during a visit to the Career Center or via the student's SAS class. 

    Students will complete HSBP Assignments via Canvas, in their Class of 202x course. If students complete the assignments, they will be eligible to earn 1.0 credit at the end of their high school careers, .25 credit for each year of high school. This 1.0 credit should be viewed as an elective credit; it cannot stand in for a required class. 

    Further Information 

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HSBP Final Senior Submission

  • In order to graduate from Shorewood or Shorecrest High Schools, students must complete the last piece of the State-required High School and Beyond Plan (HSBP). This section details the final Senior assignment of the HSBP.


    2022 Senior High School & Beyond Plan

    The final piece of the HSBP will be completed via Canvas in the Class of 2022 course. The assignment will be activated in early 2022. 

    Students will be asked questions pertaining to their plan for their next step, and must upload a resume. There will be two other recommended uploads regarding financial planning and evidence of your plan.  


    Class of 2022 Students must have completed HSBP Assignments from previous school years:

    Since the HSBP is a multi-part, multi-year requirement, Seniors must also complete these assignments: 

    • HSBP 10.1:  Naviance Lesson
    • HSBP 11.1:  Junior Look Ahead

    These assignments are in the Canvas Class of 2022 course. Students may have to look in "past assignments" to find. Steps in Naviance and other activities may be required.  


    What is the Senior part of the HSBP?

    The Senior part of the HSBP is a collection of evidence that you have a plan for your next step. As defined, the project includes nine possible pathways: 

    • Apprenticeship Application
    • Career Path Application 
    • Gap Year Plan
    • Internship Application
    • Military Application
    • Missionary/ Religious Plan
    • Technical or Trade School Application
    • 2-Year College Application
    • 4-Year College Application


    The Senior Canvas Assignment will ask you five questions: 

    1. Select your Pathway  You will simply select from the list (above) which option you will be doing short term, starting the summer or fall after graduation.
    2. Describe your Plan  Be able to write a paragraph on your immediate plan and also your long term goals.
    3. Upload your Resume  Make it great so that you can use it! 
    4. Financial Planning  (optional) Provide either:
      1. proof of FAFSA/ WASFA completion (screenshot/ pdf of confirmation email and not the complete report) if going to college or
      2. PDF of your completed Financial Worksheet if doing other pathways.
    5. Evidence of Planning  (optional) This could be proof of application, acceptance, military appointment, communication about a job, or if you are in Running Start and continuing at SCC, upload your latest college schedule or other evidence that you are already in the program.

    When is the HSBP due? Can I turn it in early? 

    The Senior part of the HSBP is due May 2, 2022, but early completion is strongly recommended. You can complete the project, have it signed off, and turn it in as early as late January 2022. Students applying to 4-year colleges can complete the project after they have turned in the bulk of their applications. 

    Advantages of early completion:  

    • you can check off a graduation requirement;
    • if you are asked to revise your resume, you still have time to do it before the due date;
    • you will avoid the glut of seniors turning it in just before May 1;
    • you will have 100 other things you would rather be doing at the end of April. 


    What if my plans will not be firm by May 1? 

    The May 2 (for 2022-2023) deadline is district-wide for all Shoreline School District Seniors. Plan ahead so that you complete your project well ahead of the deadline. 

    Students applying to 4-year colleges do not need to know their final choice in order to complete their projects. The project recommends proof of application, not proof of a deposit and enrollment. 

    Running Start students who will become regular SCC students next year will not be able to complete the official paperwork at SCC until later in May, but the project is still due May 1. Ms. Engle, the Running Start Counselor, is also the Senior Project Advisor for Running Start Students and can answer questions about procedure. 

    If you have other circumstances that will make your it difficult to complete your project by May 1, work with your Counselor and Mrs. Stephens.


    Steps to Completion:  get ready by doing the following. 

    1. Identify your pathway from the list above. 

    2. Write up a summary of your future plans and educational goals. We recommend at least 75-100 words, though there is no word limit in the Canvas assignment. Provide at least some detail, more than "I am going to go to college" or "I will look for a job." Do some reflection about the steps you are taking, where you anticipate being, and what you hope to study/ accomplish. 

    3. Start or update your resume. This is a State requirement.

    4. Work on your financial steps:

    Note that the financial step has been temporarily made optional during the pandemic. It is still strongly recommended. This refers to question #4 in the Canvas assignment.  

    If you are anticipating going to college, complete the FAFSA or WASFA (which form depends on student citizenship/ immigration status) anytime after October 1 of your senior year. Save the confirmation email that says that your form has been processed. For further information, see our Financial Aid, FAFSA and/ or WASFA pages and watch your email. We have an event each fall and will give you tools and information to help you complete your form. Each college also has a financial aid procedure you should check. 

    If you are not anticipating going to college, make a copy of the Financial Worksheet at right. It is a basic budgeting tool for young adults as they anticipate managing money and becoming financially independent. Fill it out according to your likely salary after graduation so that you can do some financial planning and set a savings goal. 

    5. Save all confirmation emails (college & job applications, FAFSA, WASFA) and acceptances. Save copies of all scholarship and job applications. If you need to find a scholarship to apply for to use as part of your evidence, see the Scholarships page and look at the Scholarships Search in Naviance

    Additional notes for students according to pathway: 

    If you are applying to colleges, be sure that your colleges are all listed in your Naviance application list. This step is not a required part of the Senior HSBP, but it necessary for the school portion of your applications to be completed. See the College Applications page for specific instructions. As you hear back from schools, update the outcomes in Naviance. Recording outcomes is not a required part of the HSBP, but it is a requirement to get Mrs. Stephens’ signature to clear you for graduation. 

    If you will be applying for jobs, work on your cover letter in addition to your resume. See the Cover Letter links on the right side of the Resume page for guidance. 


    Once your plans are firm, submit the HSBP via Canvas

    1. Log onto your Shorewood Canvas* account.
    2. Find the Class of 2022 Course. If it isn’t on your dashboard, click Courses on the left and then Show All Courses.
    3. Under Assignments, find High School and Beyond Plan. This will be activated in mid-January. 
    4. Answer the questions and follow instructions. You will be asked to:
      • Choose a pathway from the nine options on the Senior Project Outline.
      • Describe your career and educational plans.
      • Upload your (already-reviewed!) resume.
      • Upload proof of financial planning (optional).
      • Upload any other materials you have collected/ prepared (optional). These might include proof of application/ acceptance, a detailed explanation of your plan, or other materials that are part of your planning. If you have more than one document, combine them into one before you upload.
    5. Be sure you hit Submit Quiz at the end. 

    We will review all submissions for completion. If you do not upload a resume, or your resume does not meet requirements, you will be asked to submit a polished resume. If you have followed instructions and hit submit, you have completed your High School & Beyond Plan, a Washington State and Shoreline School District graduation requirement. If you have questions, contact your counselor or Ms. Stephens.



    Ask Mrs. Stephens marianne.stephens@shorelineschools.org



    What is the purpose of the Shoreline High School & Beyond Plan? 

    The purpose of this project is to assist and direct students in creating a meaningful post-high school plan. Shoreline School District prepares graduates with a rigorous education for success in college, career and life as independent community members. The SCP is intended as a record of a substantial post-high school plan and process. The . . . required components of the Senior Culminating Project used at Shorecrest and Shorewood High Schools . . . serve as evidence of the HSBP (High School and Beyond Plan). Seniors will select from one of the categories and complete all tasks assigned to that category by May 1, 2017.  --Shoreline School District

    Basically, Washington State requires high schools to not only offer classes to students, but also to be sure that students have a plan for what they are going to do after high school. The High School and Beyond Plan is a series of steps throughout high school that culminate in the final piece of the HSBP, formerly called the Senior Project. Districts have some flexibility with the High School and Beyond plan, and this is Shoreline's implementation of the requirement. 

  • Please note that the outline below is pre-pandemic, but may still be useful to see what is required. The questions for materials were made more uniform in 2020. 

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

HSBP Documents for Seniors

SW Grad Cap