Shoreline School District Senior Project/ High School & Beyond Plan

  • In order to graduate from Shorewood or Shorecrest High Schools, students must complete the Senior Project as the last piece of the State-required High School and Beyond Plan (HSBP).


    2020 Senior Project Materials are Available! 

    View the materials in the 2020 Senior Project/ HSBP Folder or download the documents at right. 


    What is the Senior Project?

    The Senior Project is a collection of evidence. The exact elements vary according to nine possible pathways: 

    • 4-Year College Application
    • 2-Year College Application
    • Technical or Trade School Application
    • Apprenticeship Application
    • Career Path Application
    • Internship Application
    • Military Application
    • Gap Year Plan
    • Missionary/ Religious Plan


    When & how can I get a copy of the Senior Project? 

    Printed packets will be distributed at the Senior Meeting early in the spring semester, and are available in the Career Center. All documents in the packet are available at right for download, and are also available in the 2020 Senior Project/ HSBP Folder


    When is the project due? Can I turn it in early? 

    The Senior Project is due May 1, 2020, but early completion is strongly recommended. You can complete the project, have it signed off, and turn it in as early as January 15, 2020. Students applying to 4-year colleges can complete the project after they have turned in the bulk of their applications, so students going to 4-year colleges should aim to turn in their project by March 1, 2020. 

    Advantages of early completion:  

    • you can check off a graduation requirement;
    • you will avoid the glut of seniors turning it in just before May 1;
    • you will have 100 other things you would rather be doing at the end of April;
    • and, best of all, you can claim your spot on the Class of 2020 Wall in the Career Center.


    What if my plans will not be firm by May 1? 

    The May 1 deadline is district-wide for all Shoreline School District Seniors. Plan ahead so that you complete your project well ahead of the deadline. 

    Students applying to 4-year colleges do not need to know their final destination in order to complete their projects. The project requires only proof of application (though many students like to submit a copy of an acceptance as evidence), not proof of a deposit and enrollment. 

    Running Start students who will become regular SCC students next year will not be able to complete the official paperwork at SCC until later in May, but the project is still due May 1. Ms. Engle, the Running Start Counselor, is also the Senior Project Advisor for Running Start Students and can answer questions about procedure. Students will fill out the Senior Project Tracking Form, go over the procedure with Ms. Engle, and then later in complete a form at SCC that will switch their status from Running Start to regular SCC registration.

    If you have other circumstances that will make your it difficult to complete your project by May 1, work with your Senior Project Advisor (SAS Teacher or Counselor) and Mrs. Stephens in the Career Center.


    Steps to Completion:  Steps 1, 2, and 3 can be completed anytime 

    1. Identify your pathway on the Senior Project Outline. Download it at right, view below, or use the hard copy. 

    2. Start or update your resume. This is a State requirement. See document at right for a rubric and sample. 

    If you wish, use the Shorewood Google Resume Templates. Make a copy of Resume Template 1 and/ or Resume Template 2

    For more guidance, use the Resume page. 

    3. Save all confirmation emails (college & job applications, FAFSA, WASFA) and acceptances. Save copies of all scholarship and job applications. If you need to find a scholarship to apply for to use as part of your evidence, see the Scholarships page and look at the Scholarships List in Naviance

    4. According to pathway:

    If you are applying to colleges, be sure that they are all listed in your Naviance application list. This step is a required part of the project. And, as you hear back from schools, update the outcomes in Naviance. This step of recording outcomes is not a required part of the project, but it is a requirement to get Mrs. Stephens’ signature to clear you for graduation.

    If you will be applying for jobs, work on your cover letter and resume.

    If you are doing the career, internship, gap, or missionary paths, pick up a Financial Worksheet from the Career Center or download it at right. Complete the worksheet. 

    If you are doing a gap year or a missionary plan, work on your outline and see Mrs. Stephens.

    5.  Once your plans are firm, finish the project.

    1. Fill out the Senior Project Tracking Sheet and use it as the front sheet.
    2. Have your resume reviewed at a workshop in the Career Center and, if approved, get a signature. 
    3. Attach hard copies of the evidence.
    4. Have your SAS Teacher (Counselor if you do not have SAS) look over and sign off on your project. Your teacher will look over the hard copies of evidence, and (if you are applying to colleges) view your application list in Naviance.  
    5. Turn the project in to Mrs. Stephens in the Shorewood Career Center by May 1, 2018. Do this yourself, in person. 
    6. When you turn it in, Mrs. Stephens will mark you off, and then she will have you complete a square for the Class of 2018 Wall in the Career Center. Every student will complete a square and put it on the wall. 


    What are the main elements of the Senior Project? 

    All of the pathways require an Application element, a Financial Planning element, and a Resume. Students are asked to provide evidence of completion.

    Some of the pathways have other elements as well, like a letter of recommendation, a cover letter,  or evidence of testing. 


    What qualifies as evidence for the Application element? 

    Accepted forms of evidence vary according to pathway, but in general include:  copy of application, acceptance, or confirmation email that your application was received. 


    What does the Financial Planning piece involve?

    For college pathways, evidence of financial planning includes confirmation of FAFSA acceptance (not the FAFSA form--we do not need or want your confidential information) or evidence that the student has completed a scholarship application. 

    For many of the pathways, students will complete a Financial Budget worksheet, which asks you to do some basic budgeting. You will complete it online and then print a copy to turn in with your project. 



    Ask Mrs. Stephens 206.393.6110 in the Career Center. 


    What is the purpose of the Senior Culminating Project? 

    The purpose of this project is to assist and direct students in creating a meaningful post-high school plan. Shoreline School District prepares graduates with a rigorous education for success in college, career and life as independent community members. The SCP is intended as a record of a substantial post-high school plan and process. The . . . required components of the Senior Culminating Project used at Shorecrest and Shorewood High Schools . . . serve as evidence of the HSBP (High School and Beyond Plan). Seniors will select from one of the categories and complete all tasks assigned to that category by May 1, 2017.  --Shoreline School District

    Basically, Washington State requires high schools to not only offer classes to students, but also to be sure that students have a plan for what they are going to do after high school. The High School and Beyond Plan is a series of steps throughout high school that culminate in the Senior Project. Districts have some flexibility with the High School and Beyond plan, and this is Shoreline's implementation of the requirement. 

If you are having trouble viewing the document, you may download the document.

Senior Project Documents

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