• The Lake Forest Park Library's fiction collection is separated into genres.  The guide below will help you locate books in your favorite genres. 


    Red - Action/Adventure - Action/Adventure fiction stories have an adventure or an exciting undertaking involving risk and physical danger that forms the main storyline.

    Dark Green - Animal Fiction - Animal fiction stories have animals as the main characters. Animals are given human characteristics such as speech.

    Dark Blue - Fantasy - Fantasy books contains elements that are not realistic; talking animals, magical powers, often set in a medieval universe, possibly involving mythical beings

    Copper - Science Fiction - Science fiction stories often tell about science and technology of the future, involving partially true fictions laws or theories of science.  The settings are often in the future, in space, in a different world, or in a different universe or dimension.

    Light Green - Historical Fiction - Historical fiction stories center around a partially historical situation or are set in a historical period.

    Light Purple - Horror - Horror fiction stories are intended to scare, disgust, or startle readers by inducing feelings of horror and terror.

    Yellow - Humor - Humor fiction stories are written to make readers laugh through unusual and entertaining events, characters, or situations.

    Dark Purple - Mystery - Mystery fiction stories often include a strange puzzling event or unknown situation.   Mysteries are often about solving a crime, or are centered around a person who investigates wrongdoing, or a person employed to obtain secret information.

    Pink - Realistic Fiction - Realistic fiction stories take place in modern times and settings and include characters who are involved in events that could happen.

    Orange - Sports - Sports fiction are realistic stories centered around a sport that has an impact on the plot or main character.

    Light Blue - Graphic Novels - Graphic novels are stories that are presented in comic-strip format and are published as a book.


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