• Because we live in such beautifully diverse community, we work to avoid religious date conflicts for school events, meetings and activities that offer curricular value to our families and students, such as curriculum nights, conferences, board meetings and open houses. To help facilitate that process, a calendar noting significant religious and cultural holidays is shared with school leaders for planning purposes. 

    Given that we schedule those important events to avoid curricular conflicts to the extent possible, there will sometimes be non-curricular events and activities, such as sporting events, groundbreakings, filmed community presentations, etc. that will fall on dates that have cultural or religious significance for families. 









    Calendars to Use for Reference

    JANUARY 2021


    Holiday / Observance:

    Religious / Cultural Group:


    Jan. 1^




    Jan. 1

    New Year's Day


    No school.

    Jan. 6

    Dia de los Reyes (Three Kings Day/Epiphany)

    Mexican Christian


    Jan. 7

    Orthodox Christmas

    Christian Orthodox


    Jan. 18

    Martin Luther King Day

    United States

    No school.

    Jan. 20^

    Birthday of Guru Gobind Singh



    Jan. 20

    Bodhi Day (Rohatsu)



    Jan. 27

    Holocaust Remembrance Day




    Diversity Calendar 2020-2021

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