• Arsenic & Old Lace

    By Joseph Kesselring
    Arsenic and Old Lace is presented by special arrangement with Dramatists Play Service, Inc., New York




    Abby Brewster (Aunt): Francisca Ritoch                      

    Dr. Harper (Reverend): Adam Freemantle

    Teddy Brewster (Teddy Roosevelt): Jake Lund

    Officer Brophy (Neighborhood cop): Eva Wellington

    Officer Klein(Other neighborhood cop):: Taryn Keller

    Martha Brewster (Aunt): Malaika Rosenfeld

    Elaine Harper (Reverend’s daughter): Hanna Van Inwegen

    Mortimer Brewster (Theater critic): Clayton Sullivan

    Ms. Gibbs (Lonely lady): Carol Lee

    Jonathan Brewster (Evil monster): Riley Smith

    Dr. Einstein (Evil surgeon): Rain Davidson

    Mr. Hoskins (a dead body): Kloe Gitome

    Mr. Spinalzo (another dead body): Jasmine Ritter

    Officer O'Hara (Would-be playwright): Amy Buswell

    Lieutenant Rooney (Big boss lady): Lillie Day

    Ms. Witherspoon (Director of sanitarium): Savannah Cormier


    Stage Manager: Maevyn Davis-Rackerby

    Assistant Stage Manager: Ray Holcomb

    Lights: Jessica Schollmeyer

    Sound: Jack Turner

    Grip: Caymon Sullivan

    Props: Emily Pacunski (head)
    Lily Jackels
    Elizabeth Pritchard

    Costumes: Max Saltzberg (head)
    Emily Tjaden
    Emily Remmers
    Kate Parkinson
    Gabby Easthouse

    Makeup/hair: Shaina Flaherty (head)
    Erica Hatcher
    Sasha Kiselman
    Nina Matthews
    Vivian Matthews
    Hannah Liu
    Gillian Lauter
    Ellyse Spromberg
    Marie Sullivan