• thespian

    The International Thespian Society is a high school honor society for theater students with troupes all over the world.
    Shorewood High School is Troupe #640.

    All points you get from working on a Shorewood show will be tallied if you are listed in the program or you sign in at a work party.  You must report any points you get for outside theater activities if you want them to be tallied as Thespian points. This includes:
         -Productions outside of Shorewood (other schools, summer, community, church, etc.)
         -Theater classes that you take outside of Shorewood
         -Plays, operas, ballets that you see (each one = half a point)
    At least 5 of your 10 points must be work done at Shorewood.
    Click here for official International Thespian Society points and rankings.

    If you are looking to submit your thespian points, Click Here

    To become a member of Thespians:
    • Complete at least 100 hours of quality participation in theater
    • Work on at least two productions at Shorewood as a currently enrolled Shorewood Student
    • Work in at least two different areas of theater (acting, directing, production, business)
    Here's what we do:
    • Two mainstage plays, one in November and one in April
    • Senior Capstones in Winter
    • New Play Reading Night in Collaboration with ACT Theatre
    • Student produced and directed Ten-Minute Play Festival
    • Thespian Initiation and Showcase
    • Assorted social and theater events


    How to get involved:

    • Look at the callboard- the big bulletin board outside of the Black Box (room 1024)
    • Take a class: Drama, Advanced Drama
    • Come to our meetings, the first Tuesday of the month during lunch in 2504
    • Audition for a play
    • Sign up for technical work crews when announced
    • Show up at Work Parties in the evening when the set is built and the lights are focused
    • Attend a training session to learn how to run lights and sound for concerts and events