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    Results of the 2018 Educational Effectiveness Survey

    Parents/guardians, students and staff participated in an online survey to help us quantify strengths and opportunities for improvement. In November 2018, the Center for Educational Effectiveness conducted their Educational Effectiveness Survey (EES) that measures perceptual data based on the research-based Nine Characteristics of High Performing Schools:

    • Clear and shared focus
    • High standards and expectations for all students
    • Effective school leadership
    • High levels of collaboration and communication
    • Curriculum, instruction and assessments aligned with state standards
    • Frequent monitoring of learning and teaching
    • Focused professional development
    • Supportive learning environment
    • High levels of family and community involvement

    Additionally, the surveys measure two additional areas tied to high performing schools: 

    • Cultural responsiveness 
    • District support for improvement 

    The data gathered is being used to support the development and implementation of school improvement plans and school district priorities for continuous improvement. The surveys will be conducted annually to gauge progress and trends. Below are the results of the parent and student reports from the 2018 survey.

    If you have any questions about the survey or reports, please contact our Public Information Office at public.info@shorelineschools.org or 206.393.4412.


    Student Survey Results

    Parent Survey Results