Check Out and Book Care

  • Check Out Policy

    Students, teachers, and adult family members are encouraged to check out books from our library.

    Kindergarten and first grade students check out one or two books per week depending on the time of year. They usually turn in the book within a week. Books are late or overdue if they have not been turned in within two weeks.

    Second through fifth grade students check out a teacher's specified number of books. Books are late or overdue if they have not been turned in within two weeks.

    Slideshow: Using shelf markers and your reading log to find books at your Lexile level color. 


    Caring for Library Books

    Here are some tips on caring for your library materials:

    • Keep food, drinks, babies, and pets away from your books.
    • Remember to wash your hands before reading a book.
    • Treat your books gently.
    • Report any book damage to the library staff so they can fix the book properly.
    • Use a bookmark for saving your place in a book. Do not fold the corners of the page or use a pencil to save your place.
    • Do not turn a book down on its "face" with the pages open.
    • Keep your books dry at all times. Carry water bottles in a separate bag, far away from your books. On rainy days, be sure to put your books in a backpack and make sure your backpack stays dry and off the ground.
    dogcover   jacket backcover cover
    This Highland Terrace library book (about dogs) was chewed up by a dog! Keep your library books in a safe place, away from dogs and babies.


    Lost or Damaged Library Resources

    Occasionally, Highland Terrace library resources are lost or damaged and must be replaced. Students and their families are responsible for replacing lost or damaged library resources at replacement cost. We will notify all students who have problems with lost or damaged library resources.

    Ms. Burke will routinely send home overdue notices via email or paper. Fines for lost books are issued during each report card period. Unpaid fines will be added to a student's permanent school record at the close of each school year.

    Here are some options for replacement:

    • Return the item undamaged (best option).
    • Replace the item with an exact copy of the lost or damaged item.
    • Pay for the item at replacement cost. All fines must be paid at the main office. If a book is paid for and subsequently found within a year, the family will receive a refund for the lost book fine via US mail.

    You may email or call Ms. Burke at the Library at 206-393-4345 if you have questions about lost or damaged library resources.