• Lake Forest Park students who get "caught" upholding our LFP Promise (Kind, Safe, Respectfu;) receive LFP Promise Awards.  This is to encourage the types of behavior we want to see - and the types of behavior that build good communities, both at LFP and beyond.


    When your child brings an LFP Promise Award home, please ask how they earned it!

    You may notice that one side of the Award was ripped off. This is because there is a tab on each award, which students can rip off and write their name on. Our primary students (grades 1-3) get to enter a classwide drawing, and teachers draw two names out of the bucket on Fridays to come collect a prize from the office.

    Our intermediate (grades 4-6) students The perforation on the side is so that students can rip off the tab to enter their class' weekly drawing.Kids whose names are drawn win a trip to Principal Miner's office on Friday!

    Here is what the Promise award looks like:  


    Promise Award



    JUMP Awards are like Promise Awards, but for a whole class.

    When a staff member sees a whole class following expectations, they can earn a JUMP Award!

    This is what a JUMP Award looks like: 


    JUMP Award